Plastic surgery videos

Videos by Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez about plastic surgery, our practice and topics related to them.

  • BMI guidelines for cosmetic surgery

    Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez sitting down in front of a world map.

    BMI, or body mass index, is a surgical risk factor considered for candidates seeking a tummy tuck, a brazilian butt lift, and several other plastic surgery procedures.

    In this video, I talk about BMI and what is required to be cleared for plastic surgery.

  • ASPS Brazilian butt lift safety panel clip

    A group photo of the ASPS safety panel.

    Dr. L. Rodriguez was one of 6 board certified plastic surgeons to serve on the ASPS Brazilian butt lift safety panel at The Meeting in Orlando, Florida in 2017. This video is a clip of one of the comments he made during the 45 minute presentation.

  • About the practice

    Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez sitting in a chair.

    Hi, my name is Ricardo Rodriguez and I am the Medical Director at Today I want to introduce you to our practice.

    Giving you the maximum amount of information is very important to us, as we feel that that will help you make the best possible choice.

    We make it a special point to give you the best possible care that we can.