Breast augmentation videos

  • Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Follow Up

    fat graft breast aug after photo

    Fat grafting is a great technique for a natural breast augmentation (using your own fat tissue as opposed to using silicone or saline breast implants). This patient (approximately 5’7″ and 130lbs) is very happy with her results.

  • What is the difference between high profile implants vs moderate profile implants?

    Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez sitting down in front of a world map.

    If you are considering breast augmentation, don’t get too focused on a particular implant size, they also come in different configurations. You have a body type that’s your own and although you might want a 350cc implant, for example, the moderate profile might be better suited for you, or the high profile, and you just might have to go up or down a size depending on which profile you pick and your desired result. The size of the implant will definitely play a role, but implant types and placement is of just as much importance in your decision making process!

  • Breast implant ripples and wrinkling: How to reduce the risk

    Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez sitting behind his desk.

    There are two things that really matter when it comes to breat implant wrinkling, or implant ripples: the consistency of the soft tissue cover and the implant material itself. I know that the issue of implants and visible rippling or wrinkling comes up in implant forums and I often hear it mentioned during consults. In this video presentation I show both saline and silicone implants so you can see how the wrinkling can appear directly on the implant itself as it’s held up. While silicone is more gel-like, it is not immune to wrinkling. I also discuss the gummy bear implant, which has a very stiff silicone consistency, which is recommended for patients with breast reconstruction who have very little soft tissue cover in place.

  • Breast augmentation: Implant selection

    Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez sitting in a chair.

    Breast implants can be quite complicated when it comes to choosing the right fit. For my Breast augmentation patients, one of my roles as a plastic surgeon is to help you choose the best breast implant for your body and for what you want to accomplish. There are more choices to make than most patients originally think and the making the right choices are essential to really getting the desired result that you’re after.