Breast reduction articles

  • What does the Mommy makeover do?

    A collage of photos of a patient before and after a Mommy makeover.

    The Mommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures done at the same time to address the changes in the body after pregnancy. Each Mommy makeover is customized to your concerns. However, the Mommy makeover should address 3 main issues, which concern the breast , stomach, and upper body changes.

  • Types of anesthesia used in Cosmetic surgery

    Monitor used to track vitals during anesthesia .

    Some of you may have read my posts on why I like to do Breast augmentation under IV sedation. I also do IV sedation for all major and combined procedures. Naturally, some patients are anxious because they don’t want to feel anything, but they are attracted to the idea of not undergoing general anesthesia. There is also some confusion as to what exactly is IV sedation. This is understandable because there are many levels of sedation. I will explain the different levels so you can make a more informed decision when discussing this with your surgeon or anesthesiologist. In cosmetic surgery, we often refer to the three distinct choices: local,  IV or General anesthesia.

  • Breast surgery: What type of scar do I get with different breast techniques?

    An illustration showing a breast scar comparison for various techniques.

    I have been looking at some of the breast implant forums, and there are a lot of issues related to breast scars. It seems most surgeons use the Wise pattern, or Anchor scar, and some use the Benelli scar. A few surgeons use the Vertical scar or the Crescent scar. I use all of these breast techniques, except the Wise pattern scar. I feel that the Wise pattern technique makes unnecessary scars.

  • Vertical breast reduction: less scars, better shape

    A photo of a patient's breasts, showing what they looked like before and after a breast reduction.

    I have been doing the Vertical Scar Breast reduction since 1989, having learned it in Nice, France, from Dr. Claude Lassus, a French plastic surgeon, who is the originator of the technique. When I left France, I started doing the technique at Yale, where I was a faculty member in the plastic surgery department. I presented the first scientific paper on the technique in the US in 1992 at the 25th anniversary meeting of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

  • My experience with Breast reduction and Tummy tuck surgery

    A photo of a patient's breasts, showing what they looked like before and after a breast reduction.

    As a senior (a little over 60 years old) I had given continued thought and prayer to having Breast reduction surgery for a number of years (at least 30 or more). In the past few years the thought and prayers became more and more on my mind and approximately 2 years ago I went as far as having a consultation with a plastic surgeon. I don’t know if it was my frame of mind or exactly what all the reasons were, but I was not comfortable with the surgeon, his staff, or even the thought of continuing on with this surgery. I didn’t go back for a 2nd visit…