Breast procedures articles

Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez discusses plastic surgery for breast and related topics.

  • Breast lift scar options

    A diagram showing breast lift surgical techniques and scars.

    What type of scar will you get with a Breast lift procedure? This is a very common question, and an important question that all patients should discuss with their plastic surgeon prior to having surgery. Any procedure that lifts the breast will require the surgeon to make an incision and that incision will leave a scar on your breast. In most cases, the scar will eventually fade and the positive aesthetic outcome of the ‘lifted’ breast will far surpass the remnants of a scar.

  • How much does Breast augmentation cost in Baltimore, Maryland?

    A woman saving money in piggy bank.

    Patients who call our office looking for Breast augmentation information are usually also gathering total surgical cost prices as well as financing information. This week, our office did a little bit of secret shopping to find out what the average cost of a Breast augmentation procedure costs in Baltimore. Remember that Breast augmentation total costs depend on whether you select silicone or saline Implants. We compared costs of both.

  • What does the Mommy makeover do?

    A collage of photos of a patient before and after a Mommy makeover.

    The Mommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures done at the same time to address the changes in the body after pregnancy. Each Mommy makeover is customized to your concerns. However, the Mommy makeover should address 3 main issues, which concern the breast , stomach, and upper body changes.

  • Breast augmentation: Where do breast implants get inserted?

    An illustration showing incision types for breast augmentation: inframammary, infraareolar, tuba.

    Most Breast augmentation patients are very focused on breast implant size. While that is important, it is only one of the 8 decisions you need to make before having a Breast augmentation procedure. I think that the choice of implant incision location is a very important decision that you should discuss with your plastic surgeon in your pre-operative appointment. In my own Baltimore practice, I always discuss the choice of incision location with patients before the procedure. The incision location is where the breast implant is inserted. Therefore, it is the location where you will have a small scar. In most cases, the scar is barely noticeable, but in any event you should KNOW where your implants will be inserted.

  • Top 5 Breast implant sizes for Breast augmentation

    A display filled with different types of breast implants.

    What are the most common sizes of breast implants used in Breast augmentation? To find out, we did an analysis of the last 125 cases of Breast augmentation procedures performed by Dr. Rodriguez in our surgery center located in Baltimore, Maryland. So what styles and sizes of implants were most popular? Glad you asked!

  • Got pain? How to reduce pain after Breast augmentation

    Dr. Rodriguez holding a pain pump

    One of the biggest concerns patients have with any surgery is the amount of pain they will have to endure afterwards. This is especially true in cases of Breast augmentation and other cosmetic surgery procedures since the patient is undergoing elective surgery and wants the best experience possible. Pain itself can have a negative impact following surgery. In fact, it’s the main cause for readmission to a hospital after cosmetic surgery. When patients are in pain, they tend to breathe in short, shallow gasps which results in poor oxygen delivery tot he tissues that, in turn, affects healing. Besides, when the lungs don’t fully expand, patients are more prone to additional complications such as pneumonia. To prevent this, patients need pain relief. The traditional way is pain pills but there’s a better, less nauseating method for treating post-op pain.

  • 7 Questions to answer before your Breast augmentation

    Dr Ricarodo L. Rodriguez holding out 2 different types breast implants in his hands.

    Looking at your breasts the way a doctor does can be an emotional event full of new information which may be hard to process, but it is essential that you and your doctor are ‘on the same page’ regarding the type of implant and surgical approach that will be used. Learn what 7 questions you should discuss and answer during your initial breast augmentation consultation.

  • Cosmetic surgery trends for 2010 – Fat is phat!

    A glowing crystal ball between 2 hands.

    The year 2010 ushers in a new decade where science , beauty, and your own fat make a marriage that promises to deliver one of the most disruptive medical technologies of the century. Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez, a Yale trained Plastic Surgeon believes that stem cells from your own fat will lead the cosmetic surgery trends.

  • Some women get more cleavage naturally because of chest wall type

    A woman's cleavage.

    Why do some women get more cleavage with breast augmentation than others? There is a condition called ‘bird chest’ or pectus carinatum, which means that your chest wall is raised at the center. If you are considering breast enlargement, the type of breast implant you choose is important. Watch my video to find out which implant style I recommend for this type of hollow chest.

  • Breast implant selection: Should you choose moderate or high profile implants?

    A single breast implant.

    If you are considering Breast augmentation, don’t get too focused on a particular implant size. The shape of the implant will also play a big role in your implant selection! Watch Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez explain what the difference is between a 350cc high profile implant vs. a 350cc moderate profile implant. Dr. Rodriguez is a Yale trained, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has been in practice for over 20 years. Ask questions about implant selection at his Cosmeticsurg blog.

  • Pain pumps: Cosmetic surgery with minimal pain

    A photo of a computer screen showing a list of advantages of using pain pumps.

    Plastic surgery doesn’t have to be painful. If you are having a cosmetic surgery procedure ask your plastic surgeon about pain pumps. These types of pumps use local anesthetics, not narcotics. Pain pumps eliminate pain, reduce nausea, and result in much quicker recovery. Watch my Cosmeticsurg blog to find out about why I think pain pumps in cosmetic surgery are great!

  • Stem cells from fat – Plastic surgery’s new frontier

    2 tubes of extracted fat.

    During the past decade, researchers have discovered that stem cells can also be extracted from your own fat tissue. These adult stem cells have the same potential as embryonic stem cells, except for the ability to differentiate into sperm or ova. Unlike embryonal stem cells, stem cells extracted from your own fat are abundant, easily available, and pose no ethical or political controversy.