Brow lift videos

  • Browlift & Liplift Patient Follow Up

    close up of a browlift and liplift patient at her followup appointment

    This patient came to me concerned about her heavy eyelids infringing on her eyelashes. While she was thinking an eyelid lift, she ended up choosing an endoscopic browlift, which sometimes is a better option to rejuvenate and refresh the eye area. Learn more about there here. She’s also had a lip lift to address her upper lip getting “thinner” with age. The results are a very marked change in her appearance and she’s happy with the results!

  • What are the goals of a good Facelift?

    Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez sitting behind his desk.

    When patients come in talking about a Facelift, they generally want to look younger and point out the things that they don’t like about their faces… but when you stretch your facial skin back, it results in a *pulled* look, with the corners of the mouth also stretching back.

  • Brow lift: The new Eye lift

    Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez showing the area on a patient's face that will be treated.

    The most natural way to rejuvenate and refresh the eye area is often to lift the brow so that the upper eyelids resume their natural, youthful position. When we age, the brow droops such that it crowds down on the upper eyelids. Often times people feel like they have excess skin in the eyelids when, in fact, it’s the brow that’s causing the feeling.