Mid Facelift with Brow Lift Testimonial

Kelly had an endoscopic brow lift and a mid facelift with Dr. Rodriguez in Baltimore, Maryland.

I’d like to thank Kelly and all of the patients who grant permission for us to highlight their experiences through videos and photographs.

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Hi, my name is Kelly Warner, I’m a patient coordinator for Dr. Rodriguez. I am 43 years old, mother of two, and I had a brow and mid-face lift about 14 months ago. I had seen many of his pre and post ops coming and going, they were all very happy, so I knew I would be, too. So when I decided to have surgery, of course, he would be my surgeon of choice. What bothered me the most were my eyes. He showed me how, if he were just to raise my brows, the refreshed look that I would get. At first I thought I was too young, just as my parents and all my friends told me, “you’re too young, you don’t need anything,” but it’s something that I saw and felt I wanted. Now that when I look at photos of myself ten years ago, I am that same person again. Would I do it again? Absolutely!

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