Liposuction videos

  • Why Thin Cannulas Matter in Liposuction

    Dr. Rodriguez speaking about thin cannulas and why they offer superior results to thicker cannulas.

    Dr. Rodriguez explains how using thin cannulas during liposuction enhances precision, minimizes tissue trauma, and contributes to smoother, more natural looking results. Watch to learn why thin cannulas are a game-changer in body sculpting and recovery.

  • Tumescent liposuction or Laser lipo?

    Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez sitting behind his desk.

    There seems to be a lot of confusion about the different technologies plastic surgeons today are using for liposuction. Are the new technologies like Laser lipo and Ultrasonic lipo as good as all the hype? In this video I discuss the differences and explain why I prefer Tumescent liposuction with thin cannulas for achieving the best possible results.

  • Liposuction: Why thin cannulas are best

    Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez sitting behind his desk.

    Liposuction is a procedure which extracts fat from targeted areas of the body resulting in surprisingly dramatic body contour changes. It is the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure and there are several Liposuction techniques based on the amount of anesthetic injected to the tissues, the method used to suction the fat, and the size of the cannula used (A cannula is the long, slender rod which is used to extract the fat).