Why Thin Cannulas Matter in Liposuction

Thin cannulas are a key component in achieving smooth and natural-looking liposuction results. A cannula is the slender tool used to remove fat during any procedure that involves liposuction as part of the surgical plan. In less than a minute, Dr. Rodriguez explains why he loves his thin cannulas to enhance precision and ensure a smoother result and a better overall patient experience . . .

Thin cannulas allow for more accurate fat removal, closer to the skin, leading to better contouring and smoother results. Using thinner cannulas also minimizes damage to surrounding tissues, promoting a faster recovery and less post-op discomfort.

  1. Smoother result
  2. Less pain and less bleeding post-operatively
  3. No need for all those lymphatic massages

Learn more about liposuction, and why some offices suggest or even require patients undergo massage therapy after lipo.

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I’m going to tell you why thin cannulas are better than thicker cannulas. Number one, smoother result. Number two, less pain and less bleeding post-operatively. Number three, no need for all those massages. Okay, you don’t need to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on massages.

Now, here’s what happens when you go in with a big cannula like this. You put it in your subcutaneous tissues. It makes big holes. You bleed into those big holes. You pour fluids into those big holes and then they have to come back afterwards and massage them, and lymphatic massages can cost you up to 100 bucks a pop. And then, on top of that, sometimes you get seromas, fluid collections, and I have to come in with a needle and take out the fluid.

Now look at this, thin little holes. I can actually end up taking more fat, go closer to the surface, less pain, no need for drainage, no need for lymphatic massage. Overall, such a better experience. I love my small cannulas.

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