Brow lift: The new Eye lift

The most natural way to rejuvenate and refresh the eye area is often to lift the brow so that the upper eyelids resume their natural, youthful position. When we age, the brow droops such that it crowds down on the upper eyelids. Often times people feel like they have excess skin in the eyelids when, in fact, it’s the brow that’s causing the feeling.

Instead of reducing the amount of skin covering the eye, the most natural way to fix the problem is to raise the brow. This procedure is known as the Brow lift, which can be done under IV sedation.

You can see the effect that the Brow lift would have on your upper eyes by pulling your forehead up gently with the palms of your hands. When you lift the brow up, the upper eyelids lift and you looked refreshed! The Brow lift is the new Eye Lift.

I have done hundreds of Brow lifts over my 20+ year career. Brow lifts are performed right here in our state-of-the-art accredited surgery center in Baltimore, Maryland. You can see the fantastic results from this procedure in our Brow lift before and after photo gallery.


Hi. My name is Ricardo Rodriguez and I am the medical director at

I trained at Yale University where I taught a few years and now I have been in practice for 20 years.

Today we’re going to talk about the Eye lift versus the Brow lift. So that you understand better why I choose, most of the time, the Brow lift, I’m going to explain to you why I choose the Brow lift.

The first thing a patient does as they start getting older is they start narrowing the focus of their eyes and closing this concentric muscle to focus the light better on their eyes.

This causes a drop in the brow, and it’s very gradual, and the first thing you notice is that you have a little bit of excess here (of skin).

And it’s more noticeable when the patient gets tired, or at the end of the day. And as a matter of fact, people will tell me, “I have this tired look.”

Now, after a while, when the brow has been down for a while, the excess skin starts putting weight on the eyelashes and then there’s a reflex where you start pulling back on the brow and then you start creating these lines.

Therefore, the solution to both problems is to put the brow where it belongs. Now, if you lift the brow gently, to where it should be, right above the brow bone, here, you notice two things.

Number one, her whole face gets a more refreshed look because the first place people look at is the eyes.

Secondly, there’s no longer any excess skin. So even though I did not touch the skin in the upper eyelids, that improves.

Finally, when the brow rests in here, these lines will disappear naturally.

For me, the Brow lift is really the new Eye lift.

Technically, the procedure is done very non-invasively with very short down time which will give a very refreshed, natural looking result.

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