Saline Breast Implants – 20 Year Follow Up

This patient had breast augmentation using saline implants 20 years ago and her results still look spectacular. See for yourself and hear Dr. Rodriguez discuss the specifics of her procedure and her long-lasting results.


Okay, I’m showing this because it’s a 20-year result. We did saline implants and, as you can tell, the results are holding up great.

This was done through the areola, so no scar down below, the scars are in the areola, but very slight.

I’m just going to say that when an implant is done well, with a good floor underneath, what I use the elevate the lateral muscles in here, I elevate usually the serratus, and part of the rectus down in here, and the lateral border of the pectoralis minor – all of that serves as a good muscular sling that holds up the implant.

So these implants are 20 years old, the patient just came for a follow up with her mother and it was great to see her again!

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