Adipose stem cell videos

Videos by Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez about our Adipose stem cells and topics related to them.

  • Stem cells from your own fat

    Several medical professionals at work in the operating room.

    In this video I talk about my passion for stem cells from fat tissue, particularly, their potential in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. While it is a relatively well known fact that stem cells can be derived from human embryos, what plastic surgeons are discovering now is that we don’t lose all of them during development. In fact, we still have them in our own fat tissue.

  • How long do fat injections last?

    Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez sitting down in front of a world map.

    In this video I talk more about Fat transfer, specifically, how long fat grafts last. If you frequent various plastic surgery blogs and portals, you might be aware there is a wide variation in the types of techniques that surgeons are using. Thus, there is a wide variation in their results, and a wide variation in their opinions about whether fat injections are permanent.