Cosmetic surgery videos

Videos by Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez about our organization, plastic surgery, and topics related to them.

  • Dr. Rodriguez’s Covid Vaccination

    Covid Vaccine vials

    NEWS! Dr. Rodriguez has received his first round of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine (also known as BNT162b2). He will be getting his second shot 21 days from this injection. Our surgery center OR nurse also received her Covid vaccine and, in addition, our board certified anesthesiologists and all nurses will be vaccinated within the next […]

  • We’re Open (COVID Update)

    covid video thumbnail

    Governor Hogan announced the resumption of elective surgery effective May 7, 2020 – with detailed precautions and a self certification requirement from the Maryland State Department of Health. We are grateful that our entire team has stayed healthy during the quarantine period and we would like to thank all of the front-line workers for their diligence and our entire staff for coming back to work.

  • Yale plastic surgery residency

    Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez standing in front of Yale University.

    As I visit Yale University again with my son who is attending undergraduate college here, I am reminded of the time I spent on this beautiful campus while completing my Plastic Surgery residency. I have trained in many wonderful places including Bellevue Hospital in New York, Charity Hospital in New Orleans with Tulane University, the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, the University of Wisconsin… All great places, but…

  • Plastic surgery Virtual consultation

    Kelly at the office sitting in front of the video camera during a video

    Learn how easy it is to set up a Virtual consultation with our office here in Baltimore from the privacy and comfort of your own home, whether you’re around the corner, across the nation, or around the world.

  • Twilight IV anesthesia for plastic surgery

    A patient in a hospital bed.

    Twilight anesthesia, or intravenous (IV) anesthesia, can be used for both short (2 hours) surgeries as well as for longer, multiple procedure cosmetic surgery cases. I prefer twilight anesthesia because it offers several advantages over general anesthesia, one of which is the quicker recovery time for the patient immediately following the surgery.

  • BMI guidelines for cosmetic surgery

    Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez sitting down in front of a world map.

    BMI, or body mass index, is a surgical risk factor considered for candidates seeking a tummy tuck, a brazilian butt lift, and several other plastic surgery procedures.

    In this video, I talk about BMI and what is required to be cleared for plastic surgery.

  • About the practice

    Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez sitting in a chair.

    Hi, my name is Ricardo Rodriguez and I am the Medical Director at Today I want to introduce you to our practice.

    Giving you the maximum amount of information is very important to us, as we feel that that will help you make the best possible choice.

    We make it a special point to give you the best possible care that we can.