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Learn how easy it is to set up a Virtual consultation with our office here in Baltimore from the privacy and comfort of your own home, whether you’re around the corner, across the nation, or around the world.

I’ve been doing virtual consults for years… I speak fluid English, Spanish, and French and have done well over 400 virtual consultations with patients from all over the world over the past 10+ years.

Preparation is easy, just follow the steps outlined in the step-by-step tutorial video with Kelly, our patient coordinator here at Cosmeticsurg. Step One involves new patient forms, Step Two involves taking photographs to send in prior to your chat with me. Once we’ve received your information, Kelly will schedule a day and time for the consult.

A virtual consult by phone or video chat will last from 20 to 45 minutes while I view your photos and listen to your goals. I’ll discuss the plastic surgery and treatment options available to help you achieve those cosmetic goals and together we’ll arrive at a tentative surgical plan. Kelly will then help coordinate all of your travel and surgical plans as well as assist with accomodations if you like.

It really is that easy!

For a written review of detailed information that’s presented in this video, including links to the online patient forms and detailed photo-taking instructions, see our virtual consult page here.

Read our out-of-town patient information for more detailed info including general information and accommodation information.


Hi, I’m Kelly, Dr. Rodriguez’s patient coordinator.

Many of our out-of-town patients have had their first appointment with Dr. Rodriguez right from the privacy and convenience of their home with a Virtual consultation.

A Virtual consultation is usually done by phone or by video chat directly with Dr. Rodriguez. Your virtual consult with take 20 to 45 minutes while Dr. Rodriguez views your photos and discusses your surgery and your treatment options to achieve your cosmetic goals.

You virtual consult is with Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez, board certified plastic surgeon, who has been in practice for over 17 years.

Let’s begin the process.

Step One: New Patient Paperwork

Start by downloading the new patient forms which you can complete online, or print and send by email along with your photos. By sending your photos privately, via email, and accessing our new patient paperwork, with the click of a mouse we can set up your personal consultation with Dr. Rodriguez quickly and easily.

Step Two: Taking Photos

Let’s review on how to take photos of your breast, body or face.

For facial procedures, we’ll need a total of 5 shots. Take photos from just above your shoulders. Relax your face and take one forward-facing shot. Then a quarter turn to your left and your left profile. Then a quarter turn to your right and your right profile.

For breast procedures, we’ll need a total of 5 shots without a bra or top on. Please place your hands on your hips, and your first shot is facing towards the camera. Second is a quarter turn to the left, and a left profile. Fourth shot, your right quarter turn and the fifth shot, a right profile.

For body procedures, we’ll need a total of 8 views. For frontal views, you may wear bikini pants. Please stand with arms extended out at your shoulders. Take photos from just below your chin to your ankle. We need one, full, forward-facing shot. One left quarter turn, a left profile view, one right quarter turn, and a right profile. For the back views, please take without any clothing. We’ll need one full posterior (or back) view and one quarter turn of the left side and one quarter turn of your right back view.

Now, send your photos and your forms to our office. Email to In the subject line, please put virtual consultation.

Once we have received your photos, we will contact you to schedule a time and date that you and Dr. Rodriguez can speak.

Once you and Dr. Rodriguez have decided on a tentative surgical plan, I will help you to coordinate all of you travel and surgical plans and assist you with any accommodations that you may need.

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