Facelift Patient Testimonial

Diane had a full facelift four years ago and talks about her decision and results in this video testimonial.

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Hi, I’m Diane and I’m now 71 years old almost 72 and had the surgery, facelift, total facelift done four years ago. I was very, very pleased with Dr. Rodriguez and his whole office. They were wonderful to me. I also appreciated the fact that we had the surgery done at the hospital which I felt entirely safe doing it there under his advice and recommendation.

The reason I decided to go ahead with a facelift which included the eyes and the neck and around the mouth and forehead was because I had begun to feel invisible. I didn’t like the idea of being invisible and really getting older in a way that I represented a grandmother sitting on a porch some place. So I decided to follow my husband’s advice, he’s a physician, and he had had his eyes done very successfully with Dr. Rodriguez and it felt like a million dollars.

Afterwards, my friends of course wondered what in the world I had done that I looked so relaxed and so happy and so pleased . A couple of people, my kids said, “mom you didn’t have to do that we loved you anyway”. But it didn’t matter so much what their opinion was it mattered what my opinion was and how I felt about myself as a result of it.

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