Weightlifter Gynecomastia

Male breast tissue development: Gynecomastia. Seen in some weightlifters and others as well. I corrected this patient’s gynecomastia and he went on to become a Masters National Body Building Champion recognized by the IFBB.

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Gynecomastia is a condition of male breast development. It has many causes, and many people develop it during adolescence, during their hormonal surge, and many people feel very self-conscious about it and they try to do surgery. Other people try to develop their pectoralis muscles thinking that this will somehow alleviate the condition. This particular patient is in his 40’s already, he had accepted his gynecomastia, but he had become a weight lifter. Now, some weight lifters develop gynecomastia as a result of dietary supplements, which may have some hormone derivatives. Now, he got ready for his competition and asked me to have surgery before the competition, so we did a gynecomastia repair. The surgery was a success and he became a masters national champion, and as you can tell from his competition photo he did really well. Follow me if you like it!

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