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Dr. Rodriguez discusses Plastic Surgery, Medicine, and Stem Cell Research

tummy tuck scar hidden below the bikini lineMany patients are afraid of getting a Tummy Tuck because of the scars. But patients should not be afraid, because these incisions can be surgically placed so that they are not noticeable, even when you wear a bikini after the surgery.

However, you should know that the appearance of the final scar is very dependent on the technique your surgeon uses. Based on some of the before and after photos that I have seen on the web, there is a wide variation in scar placement for this procedure. There are very concrete steps that a surgeon can use to ensure a scar is well placed (and thin enough) to allow the patient to wear a bikini after having a tummy tuck. >> Continue reading What do Tummy Tuck Scars look like?

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Tummy Tuck Worth it RatingI’ve been online for quite some time, writing this blog and producing videos in hopes of educating patients who are considering cosmetic surgery. As such I’ve also been involved with online forums centered around plastic surgery topics. Perhaps the most comprehensive online portal for patients looking to gain first-hand knowledge and information about plastic surgery procedures is RealSelf.

Today I took a look at the “Worth It” Ratings for the various cosmetic surgery procedures and according to RealSelf, the highest rated procedures are . . . >> Continue reading Tummy Tuck Patients Are Happy Happy Happy

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average amount of fat injected into buttocks
I have been performing the Brazilian Butt Lift for almost a decade.  With this procedure, I remove fat from unwanted areas and then reinject into your buttocks.  Patients are now doing so much research , that I often get the question about how much fat is injected into the buttocks.

To answer the question, I looked at my last 100 procedures to find out the average amount of fat which is injected per patient, per buttock cheek.  Before I give you the answer, you should know that the final amount injected will NOT be the amount which is removed. The amount reinjected will only be  a fraction of the amount of fat which  I  have removed.  I only keep the ‘good fat’ . The rest of the fat contains dead cells, blood, and other components that will *not* help the fat survive. >> Continue reading How Much Fat is Injected with the Brazilian Butt Lift?

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smile surgery illustration thumbnailA recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted a Korean Plastic Surgeon who is popularizing the so called Smile Surgery. MSN News also recently featured an article about smile surgery, called a “smile lipt,” – a combination of the words “lip” and “lift.” While this procedure may sound odd, there are definitely some patients who are good candidates for this procedure. I have performed it in my practice in Baltimore.

Some people have a distinct permanent frown type expression and Smile Surgery can help them because it lifts the corners of the mouth. It helps change the permanent sad or angry look to a more pleasant expression. This technique is different than a traditional lip lift procedure, as that technique focuses solely on the long space between the upper lip and the base of your nose. A Lip Lift does not address the corners of your mouth. The Smile Surgery focuses exclusively on lifting the corners of your mouth.

Since I do lip lifts and mouth rejuvenation quite often, I’d like to point out a few technical details for the procedure that addresses only the corner of your mouth and helps improve your smile.. >> Continue reading Smile Surgery to Help Permanent Frowns

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thin liposuction cannulas give best resultsTo get the smoothest result with liposuction your Plastic Surgeon needs four things:

The instrument that a Plastic Surgeon uses to remove the fat from your body is called a cannula. Cannulas come in a variety of sizes and are classified by the width of the long slender tube. After over 25 years of performing Liposuction, I have found that the cannula which works best is a small, thin, 3 millimeter diameter cannula. The small diameter cannula ensures that you don’t leave defects in the fatty tissue where fluids or blood can accumulate. Larger liposuction cannulas allow fluids to accumulate and have a higher likelihood of uneven scarring and surgery results. Uneven scarring is what causes skin contour irregularities. >> Continue reading How to Get the Smoothest Liposuction Results?

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woman saving money in piggy bankPatients who call our office looking for breast augmentation information are usually also gathering total surgical cost prices as well as financing information. This week, our office did a little bit of secret shopping to find out what the average cost of a breast augmentation procedure costs in Baltimore.

Remember that breast augmentation total costs depend on whether you select Silicone or Saline Implants. We compared costs of both. >> Continue reading How much does Breast Augmentation Cost in Baltimore, Maryland?

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woman with a questionA lot of surgeons now are beginning to perform Brazilian Butt Lifts. Fat grafting is highly technique dependent and some surgeons are having more success than others. Unfortunately most surgeons do not see other surgeon’s work so it is hard for them to compare results. But you can. The information you can get from these questions will help you pick the best surgeon for yourself! >> Continue reading 6 Essential Questions to Ask Before a Brazilian Butt Lift

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Any of you who have been following this blog knows of my interest in Adult Stem Cells derived from fat tissue.  Adipose Stem Cells are an abundant source of mescenchymal stem cells (MSC’s), and provide tremendous promise for many types of injury and diseases. For the past 4 years I have been on an amazing journey that has brought me in contact with brilliant scientists all over the world, taught me new skills, and opened a world of wonder in my profession of Plastic Surgery.

Yesterday, together with Jeff Bulte, PhD (Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions) and others from University of Maryland, I was awarded one of the 2013 Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund (MSCRF) Grants. Our team will investigate the location, longevity, and fate of labeled adipose stem cells once we have injected them into breast tissue damaged by radiation. >> Continue reading Dr. Rodriguez of CosmeticSurg Awarded 2013 Maryland Stem Cell Grant

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For the best results following any plastic surgery procedure it’s important to choose your board certified surgeon carefully, discuss your goals and options very specifically, and follow your surgeons post-op instructions completely.

Not wearing your compression garment after surgery might not seem like a big deal, but in fact, it is very important to your surgical result! I ask all of my patients to wear a compression garment after their liposuction and/or tummy tuck surgery. Here’s why… >> Continue reading Compression Garments for Liposuction and Tummy Tuck

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hydrogel bottle In 2007, I wrote a blog post about Hydrogel for Buttock Augmentation. In the post I detailed my reasons why I did not think it was a good idea to do a Buttock Augmentation or Butt Lift with Hydrogel. The only thing that has changed since I wrote that post is that I have seen many patients who have suffered terrible damage from Hydrogel injections! My position remains the same: Hydrogel to buttocks: Don’t do it! To recap…. >> Continue reading Hydrogel Injections to the Buttocks- Don't do it!

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The Mommy Makeover is a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures done at the same time to address the changes in the body after pregnancy. Each Mommy Makeover is customized to your concerns. However, the Mommy Makeover should address 3 main issues, which concern the breast , stomach, and upper body changes. >> Continue reading What does the Mommy Makeover do?

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Patients today are doing a lot of research about the upper Lip Lift,. One of the most frequent questions I get is if the surgery involves the muscle of the upper lip. Patients want to know if my technique involves only the skin, or if I lift the muscle in any way. My Lip Lift technique involves lifting the skin only, and I do not involve the muscle.

It seems one of the biggest proponents of technique incorporating the muscle is Dr. Randall Heyworth in California. In 2008, he and I met on a trip to China representing the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and I enjoyed his company. But I have a different approach to the upper lip lift and I will explain why. >> Continue reading Lip Lift Technique: Lifting Skin Only vs Muscle

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Recovery after a Tummy Tuck has to balance two things: the need to get your body going as quickly as possible versus the need to keep things quiet until your body has a chance to heal well.

In the past, patients were told to stay very still for a long time, but that created complications such as blog clots in the legs and problems with the lungs. Nowadays patients are encouraged to get moving much sooner, but that can have its own set of problems such as wound separations and infections.

Like most things in life, the answer is somewhere in the middle. Here is how we advise our own patients who have surgery in our Baltimore surgery center, and we hope you find it helpful. >> Continue reading How long is the Tummy Tuck Recovery?

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Fat removal LiposuctionVery often a patient will ask me ” How much fat do you take out during Liposuction?”. The answer is dependent on two things:

1. liposuction area
2. patient height and weight

Therefore, to answer the question, I will give my answers for a body frame type that I see most frequently. We’ll use as an example a woman of average height (5’3”-5’6”) who weighs about 150 pounds. >> Continue reading How Much Fat is Taken Out during Liposuction?

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Lumpectomy ScarFat Grafts have a naturally occurring small population of Adipose Stem Cells, and we are currently using them to help heal scars. Adipose tissue can be extracted from unwanted areas of your body, processed to remove the mature and dead cells, and then reinjected as a fat graft. The Adipose Stem Cells in a fat graft help to heal the scar in several ways.

First, the stem cells have anti-inflammatory properties that prevent excessive scarring. Second, they help replenish normal cells in the tissue by differentiation or directing other cells in the tissue to multiply. Since the normal population of cells under the skin is fat tissue anyways, the fat graft itself provides most of the tissue that is needed. >> Continue reading Can Adipose Stem Cells Heal Scars?

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