Brazilian butt lift or B’more butt lift ™ ?

I have been doing a butt augmentation procedure called the Brazilian butt lift for years. The procedure is very popular as it gives patients not only a sensuous body profile, but they also get a butt augmentation thru the use of fat injections into the buttocks.

The fat which is injected into the buttock is permanent with my technique as I use special processing and injection techniques. If you want to have the most robust butt possible,  the Brazilian butt lift IS the procedure of choice.

But what about the patient who wants to enhance the shape of their buttock, but doesn’t really want a bigger buttock?

A composition photo of a patient's buttocks, showing the patient before and after a B'more butt lift.
B’more Butt Lift by Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez

These patients now have a solution : The B’more butt lift.

After years of performing the Brazilian Butt Lift, I developed a procedure to give patients another choice of enhancing their buttocks. Since I practice in Baltimore, I decided to name the procedure the B’more butt lift ™.

The patient in the before and after photo above had the B’more Butt Lift. In the preoperative photo on the left, notice how the buttock profile is flattened, and is even less prominent than the waist. The waist to hips profile is almost a straight line, giving the waist and hips a squared out profile.

On the right is the postoperative view. The buttocks have a rounded profile. There is more projection and a little shelf in the upper buttock. The waist to hips profile is a nice curve, giving the patient’s waistline a sensuous hourglass profile. This is a great result. And there was not an ounce of fat injected into her butt. This is a B’more butt lift ™.

Like the Brazilian butt lift, the B’more butt lift ™ enhances the buttocks. Although there is no fat injected into the butt, there is a slight increase in the butt. In fact, this patient’s buttock volume was maintained even though she lost weight after surgery.  Like the Brazilian butt lift, the B’more butt lift ™ transforms the figure by changing the relationship of the waist to the hips.

The design of the B’more butt lift ™ focuses on two key concepts to achieve its goals.

A collage of photos of a patient before & after a B'more butt lift.
B’more Butt Lift by Dr. Rodriguez

The first a true sculpting of the waistline and buttocks shape, not by removing bulges of fat, but by drawing out on the patient the actual figure you want to create. When you do this, you remove fat cells from the areas that your body likes to shift fat to. And secondly, once these fat cells are removed the body has to select new areas to store the fat.

This is called fat redistribution and it works to your advantage if I select the patients carefully and plan the liposuction accordingly. Patients have genetically determined areas that their bodies store fat in. That pattern of fat storage is what gives women their shape, whether it be pear or apple shaped. If we remove most of the fat cells in one such area, waist and hips, but leave a part of it intact, that part will continue to accumulate fat. By leaving the butt intact, we target it for fat redistribution. The advantage is that if you lose weight your figure is maintained, as the first patient shows. If you gain weight, the weight is redistributed to the buttock !

I have developed the B’more Butt lift after years of experience with Brazilian butt lift and developing my own patterns of liposuction. It is a great procedure that is ideal for patients who are interested in buttocks enhancement but for one reason or another are not suited for Brazilian butt lift. Who is a candidate for the B’more butt lift ™?

  1. Anybody who wants an hourglass figure with narrower waist and more of an hourglass profile.
  2. Patients who want a more subtle buttocks enhancement, rounder and curvier, not necessarily much bigger.
  3. Patients who want a recovery time of 7 days without restrictions on sitting.
  4. Patients who are on a tighter budget, as the procedure is less expensive than the Brazilian butt lift.

I am very happy to now be able to give my patients a choice with their butt enhancement surgery.

By Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Cosmeticsurg Baltimore, Maryland Ricardo L. Rodriguez on American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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