This patient underwent neck lift surgery to reduce the amount of extra skin or turkey neck and improve her profile. The procedure was performed by Dr. Rodriguez in Baltimore.

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What is a Neck Lift?

The neck lift, also sometimes referred to as a lower facelift or lower rhytidectomy, is a procedure designed to give better definition to the neck line, lessen wrinkling, and diminish unsightly 'banding' in the neck. I find it to be an extremely versatile procedure in that it can help people showing the earliest signs of ageing as well as senior patients who want to improve their appearance with a relatively minor procedure.

What problems does a Neck Lift address?

How can I get rid of my turkey neck?

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A neck lift typically works to reduce or minimize:

  • wrinkling on the neck
  • loose neck skin (turkey neck)
  • jowls
  • 'banding' or 'cording' on the neck
  • double chin (excess fat under the chin and neck)

A neck lift will eliminate excess skin on your neck, sometimes referred to as a turkey neck. A younger patient with good skin tone who has some fatty tissue under the chin and on the neck might be better served with liposuction. A patient who has lost a lot of weight and has sagging skin or 'bands' in the neck will have a very good result from the neck lift. Older patients who don't want a radical change in their facial appearance, but are bothered by the appearance of the neck, are also excellent candidates for a neck lift.

A patient who has a small chin in addition to some fatty tissue or hanging skin will often appear like he/she 'has no chin.' A neck lift in combination with a chin implant will dramatically improve not only the neckline, but also the overall appearance of the face.

Patients in their mid thirties and older who notice some 'bands' (these are the edges of the platysma neck muscle), or folds of skin on the neck, are candidates for a 'mini-necklift' with minimal incisions. In combination with a lower facelift, the neck lift also creates an excellent jaw line contour.

How is a Neck Lift performed?

The neck lift procedure is perfomed under IV anesthesia in our AAAASF Accredited surgery center here in Baltimore, Maryland. A small incision is made under the chin and excess fat is removed. The platysma neck muscle is tightened, excess skin is removed, and the area is elevated and tightened. The complete neck lift will require some incisions behind the ear.

What are the Pre-Operative requirements?

In my surgery center, we require all neck lift patients to get a medical clearance two weeks prior to surgery. An H&P (history and physical) and a CBC blood test are the minimum requirements if you are a healthy adult. You should stop smoking 4 weeks prior to surgery, as well as stop aspirin products 2 weeks before surgery. On the evening before surgery, you may not eat or drink anything after midnight.

What is Neck Lift Post-Op recovery like?

For the first week post operatively, you'll be asked to sleep with your head elevated (above your heart) to aid in the healing process and diminish swelling. While there will be some swelling and bruising, you will NOT want to ever apply ice to your neck area since it can hinder blood flow.

A neck garment is worn for the first week following surgery to help maintain good contour of the neckline.

What are the risks and possible complications?

As with any medical procedure a neck lift poses certain risks and complications including, but not limited to:

  • risks associated with anesthesia
  • bleeding
  • hematoma
  • infection
  • swelling
  • unfavorable scarring
  • possible revision surgery to fine tune results

How much does a Neck Lift cost?

Neck lift procedure prices range from $5500 to $6300 depending on the extent of the surgery.  This quote range is for surgery with IV sedation using a Board Certified Anesthesiologist.  We do not use CRNA's to administer anesthesia.

You will be given an exact quote following your consultation that will include the cost of the surgeon, the OR, the board-certified anesthesiologist, and follow-up office visits.

Before and After Neck Lift Gallery*

See our gallery of Before and After Neck Lift photos, to see the kinds of results you might expect from a neck lift. Please not that all of these patients underwent surgery here in our Baltimore surgery center and all of them have given their written consent for us to use their photos on our website. We are very grateful to our patients for participating in patient education!

Having Your Neck Lift in Baltimore, Maryland

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