Financing Plastic Surgery in Baltimore

Many patients finance part or all of their surgery. For example, some patients will have insurance for a medical procedure and finance an elective cosmetic procedure. The most common and easiest form of financing is done with a MasterCard or Visa credit card. As you know, many companies are offering zero percent financing for periods as long as one year.

In general, many credit cards offer better interest rates than most financing companies. For that reason, we encourage patients to explore this avenue BEFORE considering a finance company.

However, sometimes patients do need an alternative financing solution to credit cards. Below is a list of financing companies, which offer monthly payment plans for elective surgical procedures.

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100% financing and interest free plans available!

Flexible patient payment plans. Making it possible with affordable monthly payments!

Please be aware that Dr. Rodriguez does not participate in any "No Patient Left Behind" plans offered by any of the finance companies with whom we participate.

How to Apply for Financing

Please contact the individual companies directly as this is a confidential arrangement made between you and them regarding your financial situation. You may apply by telephone or online. Most applications are simple and require only 5 minutes of your time. The patient does not necessarily need to be the individual making the loan and sometimes a co-signer may be required. Each company has their own criteria for determining if they will extend a loan to you.

Dr. Rodriguez does not participate with any insurance companies; however, if you have "Out-of-Network" benefits, there are some instances where insurance will reimburse if they consider the procedure to be medically necessary. We will provide the necessary documentation to your insurance company. Please note that there is no guarantee that you will receive any reimbursement. Please understand that most surgeries that are elective or cosmetic are not covered by any insurance.