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CosmeticSurg Blog

Dr. Rodriguez discusses Plastic Surgery, Medicine, and Stem Cell Research

Face Face

Dr. Rodriguez discusses Facelifts, Lip Lift, and Fat Injections.

Smile Surgery to Help Permanent Frowns

Lip Lift Technique: Lifting Skin Only vs Muscle

Getting Rid of those Real Housewives Duck Lips!

Lip Lift – A Technical Description of the Procedure

Fat Injections to the Face

Lip augmentation, duck lips, and lip lifts

Facelift: What are the goals of a great face lift?

Rhinoplasty: How to describe what you want to your plastic surgeon

The Brow lift is the new eye lift

Is Stem Cell Facelift a new phenomenon?

Botox Addiction: the Browlift is your Botox Detox!

Fat injections Under the Eye

Rhinoplasty: Chinese vs. Western version

DAO Release- Lifting the corner of the mouth

Facelift: What other people see first