To create a slender profile, this patient had an inner thigh lift to tighten loose skin, hanging skin in the thigh areas.

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What is a Thigh Lift?

by Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez

The thigh lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to tighten the skin of the thigh and reduce sagging in the inner or outer thigh. Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez performs this procedure on its own, or in combination with other procedures such as a body lift. As a general rule, Dr. Rodriguez does not perform liposuction to the inner thigh simultaneously with an inner thigh lift.

Who benefits from a Thigh Lift?

My thighs are sagging and I would love ballerina looking legs

-a Maryland patient

In summary, these three symptoms are the most common indications for the Thigh Lift procedure:

  • Weight loss
  • Sagging, hanging skin on inner thighs
  • Sagging, hanging  skin on outer thighs

If the skin of the inner or outer thigh sags or is droopy, a thigh lift will tighten up the skin and smooth the contour.  It creates beautiful, long sculpted legs. Patients who have lost a lot of weight are ideal candidates for a Thigh Lift, as they usually have excess hanging skin. The Thigh Lift is often done in combination with other cosmetic surgery procedures, such as a Tummy Tuck.

Please note that if your  thighs are also very big and have LOTS of fatty tissue it might be best to do liposuction first to get rid of as much of the excess tissue as possible. After a few months we reevaluate the inner thigh to see if you will additionally benefit from a thigh lift. 

What can the Inner Thigh Lift do for me?

Stand in front of a mirror and pinch the skin of your inner thigh so that you lift the skin towards your groin. This approximates what a Thigh Lift can do for you. The Inner Thigh Lift will raise and tighten loose skin on the inside of your thigh. The incision is located in the groin area. When an Inner Thigh Lift is performed, Dr. Rodriguez does not typically do Liposuction at the same time in this area.

What is the Outer Thigh Lift and where is the incision located?

Excess fat deposits on the outer thigh are most often treated by liposuction. However, if there is loose skin, liposuction alone will only make the skin sag more. In this case, an Outer Thigh Lift is done to remove excess skin below the hip area.  The incision for this procedure is located right around your hip. Dr. Rodriguez is careful to place this incision below the panty line.

To get an idea of what this can do for you, pinch the excess skin at your hip together and see what it does for the profile of your legs! The effect is that it slenderizes the look of the legs. If there is excess skin in the posterior butt area, an outer thigh lift is sometimes performed together with a buttocks lift.

What type of Anesthesia is used and what is involved in the Thigh Lift Procedure?

Dr. Rodriguez performs his Thigh Lift procedures in his AAAASF Accredited and Medicare Certified Surgery Center located in Baltimore, Maryland. He prefers to perform the Thigh Lift procedure under IV anesthesia instead of General Anesthesia. Patients have a quicker recovery with IV anesthesia and much of the nausea is eliminated.

The pubic area is shaved the morning of surgery so that the area is smooth and without hair. Stray hairs can infect the incisions, so shaving helps to eliminate this risk. Immediately before surgery, Dr. Rodriguez will mark the patient's thighs while she's standing up. The skin is pinched and elevated towards the groin and an estimate is made for how much skin should be removed. Dr. Rodriguez designs the surgery so the final scar is hidden in the groin crease. Excess skin and fat are removed and the remaining thigh skin is elevated and tightened.

What is the recovery time for the Thigh Lift surgery?

Thigh lift recovery time is 2-3 weeks. We strongly recommend strict bed rest for the first 10 days--avoiding all movement to help speed up recovery time. Out of town patients who have the thigh lift must stay a minimum of 2 weeks in town. 

How much does the a Thigh Lift cost in Baltimore?

My surgical fee for for the inner or outer thigh lift is approximately $4000.  If the procedure is done at the same time as other procedures, a discount may apply. Cosmetic Surgery financing is available. Please call the office at 410-494-8100 to find out more information about the Thigh Lift cosmetic surgery procedure.

What are the Thigh Lift risks and possible complications?

The most common complication  with the Thigh Lift is fluid accumulation or wound separation which can be resolved. The ASPS page on Thigh Lift has a complete list, but the most common complications include:

  • Infection
  • Poor Wound Healing
  • Skin Loss
  • Numbness or changes in skin sensation
  • Wound Separation
  • Sutures that surface through the skin
  • Asymmetry

Thigh Lift Before and After Photos

See before and after Thigh Lift photos of cases performed by Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with over 20 years experience.   Other Thigh Lift photos can be seen on our Body Lift Before and After page. Please note that all of these patients have given written consent to use their photos at our web site. We are very grateful for their participation in patient education!

by Ricardo L Rodriguez MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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