After rhinoplasty, the patient's nose has a straighter, more defined slope and the tip of the nose is more curved.

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What is a Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, often referred to as a nose job, is a reshaping of the nose. When reshaping of the nose only changes the appearance of the tip of the nose it is called tip plasty. Rhinoplasty can also be used to restore breathing through the nose. When the procedure is used to improve both breathing and the appearance of the nose, it is called a septo-rhinoplasty.

What concerns does a Rhinoplasty address?

The tip of my nose looks too wide

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The reshaping can be done to improve the appearance of an otherwise normal nose, or to reconstruct a damaged nose. Patients seeking rhinoplasty are often concerned with the following:

  • overall nose size
  • bumps or depressions in the nose profile
  • asymmetry
  • bulbous or oddly shaped tip
  • shape of the nostrils

Rhinoplasty: surgery on the tip or entire nose?

Most people nowadays are not looking for a dramatic reshaping of the nose, but a 'refinement' of the nose. They do not like the way the tip of their nose looks, but are otherwise happy with the rest of their nose. African Americans are requesting this procedure more frequently, expressing a desire for reshaping that maintains ethnic character. The tip of the nose may look too 'fat or wide', or their nostrils show too much, or the tip may 'stick out too far'. A more limited procedure, the 'tip rhinoplasty' will help in these cases.

A total rhinoplasty will be needed if you have a nose that is not straight or a bump in the dorsum of the nose.

Rhinoplasty terms to know for your plastic surgery consult

To help you communicate best with your plastic surgeon during your consult, it is a good idea to know a few terms so that you can reference exactly what it is about your nose that bothers you.  I have make a video on Rhinoplasty Consult to explain terms . Here is a short cheat sheet, but please do watch the video!

A. Terms to describe the Width of your Nose:

  • nostril (wide part at the bottom)
  • tip
  • dorsum (middle part of the nose)

B. Terms to describe the Length of your Nose:

  • root to tip distance (vertical length)
  • projection of nose (horizontal length outward)

What is involved in the rhinoplasty procedure?

Rhinoplasty involves reshaping of the bones of the nose, generally making the nose appear thinner and straighter, and if there is a 'hump', shaving it down to make the nose appear straight from the side view. The tip of the nose is also reshaped to make it look more refined while at the same time bringing into harmony with the rest of the nose.

I perform all Rhinoplasty procedures under IV sedation in our AAAASF Accredited surgery center located in Baltimore, Maryland. The use of IV anesthesia allows for a quicker recovery as it eliminates most of the nausea associated with General Anesthesia.

Before and After Rhinoplasty Photos*

before and after rhinoplasty surgerySee our gallery of Before and After Rhinoplasty photos, all performed by me, a Yale-trained, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with over 20 years experience.

Please note that all of these patients have given their written consent to use the photos at our web site. We are very grateful to our patients for participating in patient education!

What is the cost of the rhinoplasty procedure?

The Total Rhinoplasty procedure cost includes the surgeon's fee, OR fee, anesthesia fee, and all follow up office visits. Financing is available for either the entire amount or partial funding. Total costs are as follows:

  • Tip: $5000-$6400
  • Full Rhinoplasty: $7600

Please contact us at 410-494-8100 for more details.

Can Rhinoplasty be paid by insurance?

If your nose has been broken or changed in appearance after an accident, insurance carriers will most likely help pay to help restore a more normal appearance to the nose.

If you are having breathing problems that can be corrected by pulling on the cheek skin next to your nose, a rhinoplasty with some form of cartilage graft will improve your breathing. Breathing problems after an accident or inability to breathe thru one side of the nose are more likely corrected by a septoplasty.

However, surgery performed for the sole purpose of changing the way the nose looks are considered elective procedures. This means that the procedure is paid 100% by you, the patient.

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*Note: Patients depicted in photos and videos have provided written consent to display their photos online. Every patient is unique, and surgical results may vary. Please contact us if you have any questions.