What is a Brow lift or forehead lift procedure?

by Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez

The brow lift is a procedure designed to elevate the brow to a more youthful position relative to the eyelids. Since most people focus on the area of the eyes when talking to you, it can by itself, make your whole face appear younger. Since the advent of newer minimally invasive techniques for brow lift, it has become much more common in young as well as older patients. Dr. Rodriguez also views the Brow Lift as an alternative for upper eyelid surgery, as it can lift the upper eyelids to a more youthful position.

Who is a candidate for the brow lift?

My upper eyes droop and look tired all the time.

-a Maryland patient

If you think you have excess skin in the upper eyelid, put the index finger above the mid portion of the eyebrow, and the thumb at the lateral (outside) part of the eyebrow. Lift to position the brow where you would like it to be. You will notice there is really very little excess skin. If you only remove 'extra' eyelid skin, the brow will still be in a low position that makes the eye area look small and crowded rather than open and fresh.

A brow lift, on the other hand, will make the eye complex appear more open and 'fresh'. A person with very severe 'hooding' of the upper eyelid will benefit from both brow lift and eyelid skin resection, or blepharoplasty.

The ideal candidate for the brow lift will have some of these symptoms:

  • forehead wrinkles
  • sagging brow or forehead
  • hanging upper eyelid skin
  • tired looking eyes
  • permanent facial expression which has a sad or angry look
  • unsuccessful treatment of forehead wrinkles with botox

A person with lots of frown wrinkles, a 'worried look', a 'sad look', or an 'angry look' may be treated with Botox, but the effects are only temporary, and the costs can add up after a few treatments. With botox, the forehead can sometimes look 'frozen'.

In contrast, a minimally invasive brow lift works by weakening the muscles that work to pull down or crease together the brows. The muscles that elevate the brow remain fully active. As a result, the brow is elevated, the 'worry lines' and forehead wrinkles are vastly improved.

The Brow lift is the New Eyelift

See Dr. Rodriguez discuss the eyelift versus the browlift in his YouTube video, embedded here. To treat the gradual drop in the brow, which causes excess skin over the eye which starts putting a bit of weight on the eyelashes. The browlift addresses both problem areas and creates in refreshed, natural looking results.

Will my forehead look frozen after the brow lift surgery?

The result of the Brow Lift surgery is permanent and the brow does not look 'frozen' as it can with Botox. After surgery, the brow can express emotions and looks natural. The Brow Lift can be combined with other facelift procedures such as the mid facelift or fat transfer to the face. However, even by itself, the Brow Lift can give wonderful, natural results for a more youthful and rested look.  Dr. Rodriguez is highly fond of the procedure and recommends the brow lift more and more often.

How is the Brow Lift procedure performed?

In order to get to the muscles which need lifting, several small (about 1 inch) incisions are made in the scalp. An endoscope is introduced through one of the small incisions and the operating instrument through the other. The brow muscles are surgically altered. The skin is closed after fixing it in position.

With the brow lift procedure, there is no long scar, no cutting of skin, no 'pulling back' on the forehead skin, and no hair loss. The basis of the procedure is altering the balance between brow depressors and brow elevators. This has the effect of lifting the brow to it's youthful position.

How long is the Brow Lift recovery?

The Brow Lift surgery is usually done under IV anesthesia and the recovery is fairly quick.  Dr. Rodriguez uses only Board Certified Anesthesiologist in his AAAASF Accredited surgery center in Baltimore. Most patients can go back to work in one week following the Brow Lift surgery. 

What is the cost of the Brow Lift surgery?

The total cost for browlift surgery is $4500-$5000. Please call the office at 410-494-8100 to find out more information or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Rodriguez.

Brow Lift Before and After Photos

See our patient gallery of Brow Lift Before and After Photos, all performed by Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with over 20 years experience. Please note that all of these patients have given written consent to use their photos at our web site. We are very grateful for their participation in patient education!