Brazilian butt lift – What happens when you lose weight after surgery?

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We do a lot of Brazilian butt lifts. The Brazilian butt lift augments and enhances your buttocks using fat from unwanted areas of your body. The procedure is a total body resculpting of your abdomen, flanks, and buttocks. The question I often get asked is “Doctor will I lose the effect of the Brazilian butt lift if I lose weight after the surgery?”

The answer is: If the fat is processed and grafted correctly-you will not lose the effects.

To illustrate the point, I went back and looked at the photos of one of my patients who had the Brazilian butt lift surgery, lost approximately 10% of her body weight after the post op period, and then gained all of the weight back at the end of the one year period.

In the video below, her pre-op is on the left. Eight months following the surgery, in the photo on the right, she lost a little over 10 pounds. You can see that her buttocks are still prominent ,and her new curves show off very nicely. Watch the video to see all of the details.

Even with her weight loss, her buttocks are prominent and she maintains the buttocks ‘shelf’. If the procedure is done correctly, your new curves should stay with you. Properly processed fat will engraft and take. You will have a new body shape. Weight fluctuations after the Brazilian butt lift will take the shape of your new body shape. If you gain or lose weight you will not go back to your curveless body figure. The wonder of fat grafting is that it can truly change your body proportions. Any weight gain or loss should correspond with the new figure.

A collage of photos of a case study into Brazilian butt lift after weight change case study photo.

Photo summary of the patient’s history

Left: Pre-op
Middle: 8 months post-op, with 10% weight loss
Right: 1 year post-op, with full weight gain back to original weight

Note: The video featured above is part of my ‘Stem Cell Series’ as properly processed fat will contain a population of your own naturally occurring adult stem cells. These stem cells enable your fat graft to survive and ‘take’ as the stem cells help to build blood supply to the fat graft. Stem cells from your own autologous adipose fat is Plastic surgery’s new Frontier. Stay tuned for more!

By Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Cosmeticsurg Baltimore, Maryland Ricardo L. Rodriguez on American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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