Removing excess skin after weight loss

The Body lift procedure removes excess skin from the stomach, hips, and buttocks. Patients who have experienced a large weight loss (by gastric bypass, or through diet and exercise) are the typical candidates for the procedure. The Body lift is a Tummy tuck, an outer thigh lift, and a buttock lift performed in the same operative session.

The Body lift procedure results in a complete transformation of the lower body. The Body lift combines a Tummy tuck, posterior butt lift, and outer thigh lift in one operative session. Although it is common for the procedure to be performed on patients who have experienced massive weight loss, it can also be performed on anybody who desires a change in their lower body profile.

I perform all  body lift procedures in my AAAASF accredited outpatient surgery center in Baltimore, Maryland. All Body lift procedures are performed under IV sedation, instead of General anesthesia.

15 year experience with Body lift

I have well over 15 years Experience performing the Lower body lift procedure in one operative session . In addition, I have performed the individual component elements of the surgery for 25 years!

Lockwood technique

For the past few years I have exclusively used the Lockwood technique. I believe that this technique achieves the *best* results with the least amount of postoperative complications. Over the years I have tried different techniques and I am convinced that the Lockwood technique is the best one.

Body lift offers dramatic change

I have prepared this video to give you an overview of the Body lift procedure. The body lift is a great procedure which makes a dramatic change in your body. I love doing this procedure.

A big thank you to my son Rico for producing this educational video.

By Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Cosmeticsurg Baltimore, Maryland Ricardo L. Rodriguez on American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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