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Browlift is the New Eyelift

  • Video Name: Moderate vs High Profile Implants
  • By: Ricardo L Rodriguez MD
  • Procedures: breast augmentation
  • Length of Video: 2:31
  • About:

    The most natural way to rejuvenate and refresh the eye area is often to lift the brow so that the upper eyelids resume their natural, youthful position. When we age, the brow droops such that it crowds down on the upper eyelids. Often times people feel like they have excess skin in the eyelids when, in fact, it's the brow that's causing the feeling.

    Instead of reducing the amount of skin covering the eye, the most natural way to fix the problem is to raise the brow. This procedure is known as the browlift, which can be done under IV sedation.

    You can see the effect that the browlift would have on your upper eyes by pulling your forehead up gently with the palms of your hands. When you lift the brow up, the upper eyelids lift and you looked refreshed! The browlift is the new eyelift.

    I have done hundreds of browlifts over my 20+ year career. Most of our browlifts are performed right here in our state-of-the-art accredited surgery center in Baltimore, Maryland.

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