Brazilian butt lift articles

  • What is the recovery period for the Brazilian butt lift?

    A woman laying down on the floor.

    Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez explains why the recovery period for the Brazilian butt lift is 3 weeks. If you sit sooner than that it can prevent some of the fat grafts from surviving. Sitting during the recovery period is harmful to the new fat grafts because it exerts a tremendous crushing pressure, up to 400 pounds per square inch in some areas, on these tender cells and tissues. Even the areas that are not crushed are under such pressure that blood flow is shut off.

  • Is hydrogel effective for Butt augmentation?

    A bottle of hydrogel.

    There are many ways you can get a Butt augmentation, but like everything in life, each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some procedures are new and experimental, some have stood the test of time. The use of hydrogel for butt augmentation is a new approach. The technique is possible, but in my professional opinion, impractical for several reasons.

  • Question about infectious bacteria in buttocks

    Infection bacteria shown through a microscope.

    Here is a question which I received from a reader who recently had a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure with another surgeon and was experiencing a bacterial infection: Dear Dr. Rodriguez, About Eight weeks ago I had a procedure adding fat from my flanks to my buttocks by my local plastic surgeon. I have been in discomfort ever since. My buttocks are red and swollen in both cheeks. One time every week the surgeon has been removing fluid that has accumulated in my buttocks. He has stated that he released an area in my buttocks that had a deep Cellulite indentation( he had a different name for this). He thought fluid was somehow accumulating in this area and would continue to remove this fluid whenever in go unbearable. I was in tremendous pain this week and went back to the office where he then told me he had gotten the results back from June 21st on the fluid he had collected and I have some kind of bacterial infection inside my body…

  • Question about gaining weight after fat injection

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    Kae posted a very good question, because it helps understand how fat transfer works. The question relates to where you gain weight after a fat transfer: the donor area (where the fat came from, let’s say the belly) or the recipient area (where you put the fat in, let’s say the butt)? The short answer to the question is: YES, after the fat graft takes, you will gain weight in the recipient area. In the case of the Brazilian butt lift, the recipient area is the buttocks. If you took most of the fat cells from the donor area, you would gain very little weight in the belly. If you want to know the technical explanation for this, read on.

  • Solving the problem of narrow hips: Injecting fat into the hips

    A collage of photos of a patient before and after fat injections to widen hips.

    Most times, when doing a Brazilian butt lift, I end up using every last drop of fat I can get to get the best possible butt augmentation. This is because after the meticulous extracting procedure, only a fraction of the fat is suitable for fat transfer.A few patients, however, store a lot of their fat predominantly in their abdomen and flanks, with very narrow hips proportional to their body.I had always been very good at getting their waist as narrow as I could to highlight the buttock, but the hips remained untouched.

  • Brazilian butt lift – increasingly popular with all ethnicities

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    A few days ago I was seeing a patient who was thinking about having the Brazilian butt lift. Two things struck me about the conversation – One was the fact that so many patients are now requesting a procedure that is relatively new. The second was that I am doing the procedure more frequently on women of all ethnicities. As I was showing the patient my collection of pre op and post pictures I noticed quite a few Caucasians and Orientals. This makes me think that for whatever reason, there is a cultural shift going on about what constitutes an attractive figure.

  • My backside has no company back there

    Jennifer Lopez's behind.

    The images you see in the media place very high goals as to what is a “normal” body type. Keep in mind some of these people showing their bodies have had plastic surgery themselves (and/or very good airbrush artists). “I have no bottom and no butt if that makes sense. My boyfriend tries to pinch me and there is NO GRIP!” Yes, what you say makes sense. Indeed, if you look at the pages of many fashion magazines you will see models with “no bottom and no butt”. For many years liposuction to reduce the size of the butt was all the media talked about. The beauty ideal was to have as little butt as possible. Jennifer Lopez (J-LO) changed that!

  • How long do Fat grafts last?

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    Several people have asked me if fat grafts are permanent. They keep reading from other sources that fat grafts are not permanent or that they may need another procedure. In my experience, when done correctly, fat grafts are permanent, and I have yet to do a second procedure to add more fat in any of my patients. This is because of the way fat is harvested and the choice of sites for harvesting fat are crucial to the success of the Brazilian butt lift or any other fat injection procedure. In this blog entry I will detail how I harvest fat, process it, inject it, and care for the graft after surgery. In a subsequent entry I will describe how choice of harvest site matters.

  • Brazilian butt lift goal: not just about big butts

    A collage of photos of a patient's lower body, showing her before and after a Brazilian butt lift procedure.

    Curves, love handles, and Brazilian butts. I have been doing a lot of Brazilian butt lifts. It continues to amaze me how good this procedure is! It is perfectly suited to how the body handles fat, and the different components of the procedure enhance each other. Although the procedure is called Brazilian butt lift, what makes it great is the way the love handles are reshaped and create a nice curve between the butt and the waist.

  • What is the Brazilian butt lift?

    A collage of photos, show a patient's lower body before and after a Brazilian butt lift.

    I received an email the other day requesting information on whether I did the “Brazilian butt lift” and a long list of technical questions about how I did it. As with all surgical procedures, everybody does it a little differently. I am not sure anybody can say they “own the procedure” or “this is the way it’s done” and everyone else is wrong. Well, for any patient’s purposes, the results are what counts, not the name of the procedure or whether it was done like this or like that. In any case I started doing a procedure that for all intents and purposes is almost identical to the ‘Brazilian butt lift’, and I would like to explain to you why and how I do it.