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Tumescent liposuction or laser lipo?

Procedure Fat grafting
Length of video 11:32

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the different technologies plastic surgeons today are using for liposuction. Are the new technologies like laser lipo and ultra sonic lipo as good as all the hype? In this video I discuss the differences and explain why I prefer tumescent liposuction with thin cannulas for achieving the best possible results.

The goal of liposuction is to eliminate bulges of fat from areas of the body while creating a smoother contour with no lumps, bumps, or dimples. While ultra sonic liposuction (and later, laser liposuction) was touted as being the best advancement in liposuction technologies, because they work by emitting energy from the tip of the wand, transferred into the tissues as heat, which just melts the fat away. You then come back in and suck out the melted part. The problem I have with those methods is that when the wand comes in, it leaves an area of destruction around it. I've also found they can cause tissue irregularities. I'm not really convinced that this is the best way to go. We have an older way that works very well and is very predictable.

The Best Liposuction Method

For me, the greatest liposuction method is the manual, fine cannula (tumescent) liposuction. It gives the surgeon much more control, doesn't involve an additional step (melting prior to extraction), it's safer, and it provides predictable, dependable, great-looking results.

I discuss why I think the tumescent method of liposuction is superior to laser lipo in this blog post. To see typical patient results, be sure to take a look at our Liposuction photo gallery.

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