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Stem Cells from Your Own Fat

Procedure Fat grafting
Length of video 3:28

In this video I talk about my passion for stem cells from fat tissue, particularly, their potential in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. While it is a relatively well known fact that stem cells can be derived from human embryos, what plastic surgeons are discovering now is that we don't lose all of them during development. In fact, we still have them in our own fat tissue.

Here at CosmeticSurg we are truly interested in our mission of advancing the science of beauty and we think that stem cells can do just that. Whenever we take fat from a patient, there's a certain percentage of "good fat" that's extracted. In any procedure that involves a re-insertion of fat, we go to extreme measures to ensure that the only fat that goes back into the body is this "good" fat - which is rich in stem cells.

Imagine taking a concentrated mass of stem cells from fat and relocating them to an area of the body that needs repair, essentially super-charging the natural healing power of your own body. This is the next step in the evolution of plastic surgery! Instead of merely masking the the signs of aging with surgical techniques, we can re-inject these stem cells into a face, a hand, a breast. They not only rejuvenate the skin, but they can also repair damaged tissue. Even treatments like breast reconstructions are being completely revolutionized by the use of stem cells.

Stem cells can be derived from your own unwanted fat tissue. Plastic surgeons can process the fat into stem cell enriched fat cells and reinject them into your face, hands, or breast. They not only rejuvenate the skin, but they can also repair damaged tissue.

Adipose stem cells are the new frontier of plastic surgery. Instead of the surgeon using his talents to create the illusion of a more youthful body, the surgeon guides your body to rejuvenate itself! We are at the forefront of this field and the potential it has in regenerative medicine and cosmetic surgery.

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