Lip Lift pre-op markings to 2-weeks post-op

This African American lip lift patient requested the remaining distance between the bottom of the nose and the top of the upper lip to be 8mm, shorter than the average 12 to 15 mm, but it totally works for her. See her progression from surgery day pre-op markings through her 1-week and 2-week post-op visits.

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pre-op surgery day

Okay, so this patient is different than my last patient in that she does have a roll on each side in here, and in there, as you can see. So I’m placing my scar now along the roll, that’s what will minimize a show of the scar. Other details in her, particularly, are that her ala really arch back fast, so even though I made my markings at 0.6 here laterally, they might actually be changed a little bit. In the center, though, we are keeping her at a 0.8. She’s going a little bit shorter than most people. Most people go at 1.1. She decided the distance she likes is 0.8, so as we taper to the side I may have to adjust my preoperative markings.

We’ll see as we go on, this one we’re just going to have to play it by ear,  but she will have a very nice pout and good centralization, as we always do.

Thank you very much.

1-week post-op visit

So this is the patient I did last week, so she’s only one week post-op. She wanted 0.8 distance, which is a little bit shorter than I usually do, but she’s obviously happy with it.

I just finished removing nylon sutures. I never usually put in nylon sutures, but nylon sutures are what she wanted, so that’s what we put in. The disadvantage is she’s got to come in and get them (removed) whereas most people that get sutures get absorbable sutures, so they don’t have to take them out.

But I mean, the lip looks really natural the swelling is down and so what do you think about it?

“I love it.”

Good, all right we’ll see you all later, thanks.

2 week post-op visit

This is a patient that I showed two weeks ago, and then I showed another film of her last week showing her scar, and this is just two weeks after we did the surgery. And so tell me, what do you think of it?
“I love the procedure.”

How does it feel now? Does it feel natural, or do you still feel some stiffness?

“There’s some stiffness, it’s still swollen slightly.”

And what do you think about the look of it?

“I love it.”

Okay so the first thing to notice is that how the scar … the scar really comes right up close to the natural structure, the little roll, and it goes right around this and really important to keep the philtrum columns lined up to the columella, but otherwise as you can see just like that, just so we can see the teeth normally, this is a great result, it’s just two weeks.

Again, great procedure.

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