Facial Fat Grafting Patient Results

Fat graft, no surgery!! Permanent results.


So this is a pre-and post-op patient rejuvenation and in this case, it’s all done with fat grafting. There’s nothing else, just fat grafting.

Now, she had had Graves Disease and there was some wasting of subcutaneous fat and so my approach was initially to begin building up from here, and then see how things did and build out from there. So she had a whole face fat graft reconstruction and you can see the results here.

Now, besides the volumetric improvement, you also see some facial proportion changes like she’s now wider at the cheeks and at the jaw whereas before she was kind of squarish, and the texture of the skin – I’m always amazed at how the texture of the skin changes and improves. Anyways just volume, no surgery, just fat. I love what fat grafting does!

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