Brazilian butt lift – Butt augmentation with fat injections

In this video I explain the special techniques I use for the very popular Brazilian butt lift, showing some of the tools I use, detailing the complex series of steps involved in the surgery that I’ve perfected, and sharing a few of our patients’ before and after photos.

When most people come to ask about the Brazilian butt lift they’re thinking only of an enhancement of the butt, but really we’re talking about an enhancement of the total figure. The procedure not only enhances the buttocks, but also results in a total resculpting of the hips, flanks, and waist. That is why we take so much care to give you the best possible results.

All of our Brazilian butt lift procedures are performed in our brand new, state-of-the-art accredited surgery center here in Baltimore. I have spent years training our highly specialized team of OR nurses and techs to assist in this procedure so that patients can be guaranteed the best possible results. I’ve been in practice for over 20 years and have performed hundreds of fat transfer procedures.

When done properly, the Brazilian butt lift will give you a long lasting result which is a radical reshaping of your figure – the waist, the hips, and the buttocks – to give you the hourglass figure that you want.

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Hi. My name is Ricardo Rodriguez and I’m the Medical Director at I trained at Yale University and I taught there for a few years before starting my private practice. I have now been in private practice for 20 years.

Today I want to talk to you about Brazilian butt lifts.

When most people come and asked me about the Brazilian butt lift, they’re really thinking only about an enhancement of the buttocks; but really, we’re talking about much more than that. We want an enhancement of the total figure, both hips and waist, to give the person a much better figure.

Now, to achieve that, we go through a complex series of steps, which I will go through now and explain to you, so that you understand why we take so much care to give you the best possible figure that you can have.

In order to do that, we usually start out with a Liposuction to take out the fat that we don’t want and then transfer that fat into the buttocks area.

Most people will use traditional liposuction machines. I’d rather do what’s called a syringe liposuction, which is a much gentler technique, where there’s much less negative pressure applied to the cells. The main thing to remember is we want cell survival, so that when we put them in the butt, the cells survive and stay there.

Once we remove the cells from the body, we separate the cannula and we put the syringe in a separate receptacle to be decanted.

During the decanting process, the cells get separated from the fluid. Then we transfer the cells to a smaller syringe. This syringe, in turn, gets placed in a centrifuge.

Now, a medical centrifuge will spin those syringes to further separate out a layer of live cells from the layer of dead cells and the liquid layer.

Furthermore, using suction, we separate the dead cells, which are in an oily layer, from the live cells.

In the final step what we are left with is a small syringe, again, comprised solely and completely of live cells. We then use a very tiny injection cannula to inject the fat into the cells. The importance of using a small cannula is that the cells that one injects are accessible to the blood supply of the body. This ensures a very reliable and long-lasting result. when done properly the brazilian butt lift will give you a long-lasting result, which is a radical reshaping of your figure in both the waist, the hips and the buttocks area to give you the hourglass figure that you want.

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