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It was a total rejuvenation . . . what I went through and what I feel today. I'm beside myself about the change in my own self and…


Now I can walk into a room with great confidence! I love my new nose.


In November of '04 I had lip procedure done which was implants and it was done in the office. I chose to have the lip implants done…

What our Cosmetic Surgery Patients are Saying

  • Would I do it again? I would do it again repeatedly as long as Dr. Rodriguez was the physician performing it. Great smile and I feel beautiful everyday!

    - Lesha
  • I love my new cleavage in my breasts!

    - Breast aug patient
  • I am in the entertainment industry and have lived all over the world. I have had experiences with all kinds of docs and Dr. Rodriguez is among the very best. Dr. R is an anomaly in the field today. He is able to blend art, medicine and education to give you great results. Many docs have technique, but a doctor with an eye for the finished work is a rare find.

    - Jeff
  • Dr. Rodriquez and his staff are very kind and attentive. I thought I would be self-conscious around them (since I don't have anywhere near a 'perfect body') but they set me at ease and I actually enjoy my follow-up visits. They all always seem happy to see me.

    - Bodylift patient

Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez's Patient Ratings

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    I would never go to another doctor and would recommend him and his staff for ANYONE thinking of getting ANY kind of procedure.

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    ...Dr. Rodriguez is AWESOME!!! He is accessible all hours of the day and night, personable, professional.... He makes you feel so important and confident during each visit."–Kenya

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    I had a Brazilian Butt Lift which I thought was impossible to achieve because I didn't have much fat.....The results were amazing!!! I feel now that I have a perfect figure. I feel very confident, and everywhere I go I get compliments!--V.F.

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    "My surgery was in May 2012 and it went super smooth. All I remember is waking up and he made sure I was not in pain, he makes sure you have the medications you need andnto stay infection free! "