Brazilian Butt Lift Photo

This 47 year old female had a mini tummy tuck with a Brazilian Butt Lift. Although only 275 cc of fat was injected to each side, her buttocks look much fuller and more sensual.  This illustrates the advantage of doing the two procedures together. 

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Weight
    110 - 120 pounds
  • Implant Material
    Adipose fat
  • Fat Injected
    200 cc - 300 cc each side
  • Recovery Time
    2-3 Weeks
Brazilian Butt Lift Photo
Brazilian Butt Lift Photo

When a Mini Tummy Tuck is performed with the BBL, only a small amount of fat injected into the buttocks can make a big difference! While only 275 cc of fat was injected into each buttock cheek, her butt is fuller , prominent, and youthful.  Long live adipose fat! 

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