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Pain Pumps: reduce pain after surgery

Procedures Breast augmentation, Tummy tuck, and Body lift
Length of video 7:08

Cosmetic Surgery with No Pain?

Believe it or not, it's possible. Pain pumps really do reduce pain after surgery and in this video I talk about the cost and the benefits as well as demonstrate exactly how the pain pump works.

Why Doesn't Everyone Use Pain Pumps?

Some patients don't want the additional cost. Surgeons who offer it usually pass the exact cost on to the consumer, without a profit margin or any additional fees. I offer pain pumps to make my surgical patients more comfortable, but it brings a lot of benefits beyond pain relief including less nausea, better breathing, better drinking and eating - which all amount to a faster recovery.

How Do Pain Pumps Work?

In the video I show the actual pain pump and illustrate how the tiny little tubes work to bring a constant flow of anesthetic directly to the wound field, which really helps block the pain. These are not the same pain pumps you might have experienced in a hospital, the other kind that injects morphine or narcotics into your blood stream! Those make you loopy and can even make you nauseous.

If you're thinking about the pain pump, get it. If your surgeon doesn't offer it, ask for it. Demand it. Pain pumps really can dramatically reduce post-operative pain and shorten your recover time. Read more about the benefits and specifics of using pain pumps for cosmetic surgery in this blog post.

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