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Laser Resurfacing vs. Regenerative Fat Grafting

Procedures Facelift, Laser skin resurfacing, Fat transfer
Length of video 4:10

Besides a facelift, there are several optiosn for treating the signs of an aging face. As our dermis thins, facial skin loosens, and wrinkles develop, many patients seeking short-term results turn to botox. For patients who are not interested in a facelift, but want long-lasting results, the alternatives are laser skin resurfacing or fat grafting.

I believe that fat grafting offers a huge advantage to the lasers currently being used by plastic surgeons and dermatologists and in this video I explain why and illustrate with a few of our patients' before and after photos.

A laser is a destructive technique - you aim a beam of energy at the skin and it literally vaporizes the tissues and destroys part of the dermis, which is a complex structure that is very difficult to regenerate. Your body reacts to regenerate by scarring (collagen build up).

A fat graft, on the other hand, utilizes your own fat, which contains naturally occurring adipose stem cells, to restore volume. The stem cells themselves are a regenerative tissue, restoring volume and improving the quality of the skin.

I would much rather use fat grafting to make the face look younger because it actually makes the face younger. It is truly the most natural way to get a long-lasting, youthful, facial rejuvenation.

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