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Fat Injections to the Face

Procedure Fat transfer
Length of video 3:49

In this video I talk about the reasons why I often find myself recommending fat grafts to the cheek, and to the face, when patients come to me wanting a rejuvenation of the face... wanting to, in general, look younger. Fat grafts, also known as fat transfer or fat injections, are a great way to rejuvenate the face.

When anyone looks at a face, the area they naturally focus on is right around the eyes. Although when we look at ourselves in the mirror we might tend to concentrate at the lower area of the face, if your goal is an overall younger looking appearance, focus on restoring the volume of the upper face since that's the area others focus on. Fat grafting to the cheeks can produce a younger looking face without stretching the skin.

As you age, your dermis thins, and your face begins to sag. You may lose volume in your cheeks and under your eyes. These areas appear to be hollow or not as defined as they were when you were younger. Additionally, some people have areas of their face lacking volume no matter what their age. Fat grafts will naturally fill those areas to restore your youthful appearance. Cheek implants are okay in some patients but the volume of a cheek implant is circumscribed whereas fat injections are much more diffused and more natural feeling. Additionally, fat grafting uses your own adipose fat which contains adults stem cells. Adult stem cells have regenerative properties that can increase blood supply to your tissue and skin to make you look younger.

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