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Fat Injections-Are they Permanent?

Procedure Fat grafting
Length of video 4:04

In this video I talk more about fat grafting, specifically, how long fat grafts last. If you frequent various plastic surgery blogs and portals, you might be aware there is a wide variation in the types of techniques that surgeons are using. Thus, there is a wide variation in their results, and a wide variation in their opinions about whether fat injections are permanent.

Fat injections are long lasting (permanent) if done correctly. When done incorrectly, they don't last very long at all and the surgeon will have to do re-dos. That is my position and I stand by it!

The success of the fat transfer depends on the right fat extraction methods, processing methods, and re-injection methods as well as the proper care following surgery. Correct extraction and processing of the fat are essential to preserve some of the good fat or stem cells. Patients must also follow a strict post operative protocol to ensure that the fat graft takes. For additional information, you might want to read about how fat injections can be used in the face or learn more about my recipe for permanent fat injections.

With the correct technique of extraction and processing and the proper post surgical protocol for the patient, I've found fat grafting provides excellent, long lasting results.

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