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Breast Implants : high profile vs. moderate profile

Procedure Breast augmentation
Length of video 5:49

If you are considering breast augmentation, don't get too focused on a particular implant size, they also come in different configurations. You have a body type that's your own and although you might want a 350cc implant, for example, the moderate profile might be better suited for you, or the high profile, and you just might have to go up or down a size depending on which profile you pick and your desired result. The size of the implant will definitely play a role, but implant types and placement is of just as much importance in your decision making process!

In this video I talk about the differences between high profile and moderate profile implants using actual, 350cc, silicone implants (because they are the most popular size) so you can see the differences as I discuss them. A 350cc moderate profile implant has a low projection relatlive to a high profile implant of the same size, but the moderate profile implant would have the larger base. I also show a photograph of an average-build patient who has been marked, pre-operatively, to note the midline, the inframammary fold (where I generally like to place the bottom of the implant), and the second intercostal space to illustrate how implant placement comes into the consult discussion as well.

Finally, I review several before and after photos from actual patients with various body types to show how the different size and projection choices were chosen to achieve the final result each patient wanted. To determine what implant is ultimately right for you, be conscious of your body type, the implant types, the implant dimensions and how that relates to your chest wall (in particular, the width and the distance between the inframammary fold and the second intercostal space). And don't get locked into a certain implant size, see how the particular confirmation plays with your chest wall and make the choices that will give you the look you want.

Read even more about the different implant profiles in this blog post and take a look at our photo gallery to see even more real patient results.

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