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Breast Augmentation Decisions

Procedure Breast augmentation
Length of video 2:41

Breast implants can be quite complicated when it comes to choosing the right fit. For my breast augmentation patients, one of my roles as a plastic surgeon is to help you choose the best breast implant for your body and for what you want to accomplish. There are more choices to make than most patients originally think and the making the right choices are essential to really getting the desired result that you're after.

In this video I show some of the various types of implants as I discuss some of the breast implant decisions you'll need to make as you're consulting with your plastic surgeon prior to breast augmentation surgery. To help you prepare, I look at saline vs silicone implants, implant placement, implant types and surface types, while going over the pros and cons of some of the decisions you'll be making.

For even more breast implant choice considerations, check out this blog post I wrote that gives you a list of 7 Questions to Answer before your breast augmentation surgery and for other breast implants and augmentation information, take a look at all of our breast related blog posts, too.

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