BBL – 6 Week Follow Up

See what this patient looks like at her 6-week follow up appointment. She had a BBL with fat injections (a fat graft) to the outer thighs.

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This patient is now 6 weeks after a Brazilian butt lift.

Now, there’s one thing I want to make you notice is that the widest point is right here, right at the buttock fold, and the thigh still has some thickness to it, leading away from it.

That’s really important, you don’t want to take out fat from this area to build up the butt and make it high because that gives you the appearance of an abnormal stick and then a ball up in here. And that’s what you get when you make your maximum width in here, it looks like a ball attached to a stick down below.

What gives the appearance of a perky butt is when you see it from the side, from three-quarters, and you see the butt kind of elevated like this. It’s not so much the injection up in this area that makes it look perky, it’s the fact that the whole circumference is held up by the support in the upper thigh. That’s what prevents the butt from sagging.

This result is great and the patient loves it.