Periareolar Incision Mastopexy Day 2 Post-Op

This patient had a breast lift with a scar just around the areola as opposed to a lollipop scar or an anchor scar.

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Okay, so we’re just taking off the bandages at day number 2 on this mastopexy (a breast lift) and as you can tell there’s no scar below . . . nothing. Just the scar around the areola. And we just took off all of the bandages so you can see where the bandages were pressing on the skin. Now, I want you to compare this to the pre-operative view. And, as you can tell, we can get a very good mastopexy with just a periareolar scar. So don’t believe it if they tell you that the only way to do a mastopexy is by doing a lollipop scar or an anchor scar, you can do it very well with the periareolar scar. And you can see the breast looks perfectly natural. Great! Thank you very much.

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