Crescent Mastopexy: Breast Lift with minimal scarring

The Crescent mastopexy is a type of Breast lift which is perfect for situations where only a small lift is needed. In fact, I use it exclusively for small breast lifts because of the well disguised scar! It works especially great for women who have breast fed and for patients with mild asymmetry issues.

In this video I show the before photo from a patient with a mild asymmetry, illustrating the situation and the options. See how the breast augmentation and crescent mastopexy led her to the final results shown in her after surgery photo.

For women who want implants with the lift, the Crescent Mastopexy gives me the flexibility to get the breast implant and the nipple areolar complex placed exactly where I want. The Crescent Breast Lift is a great breast lifting procedure. Read even more about it in this blog post.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Rodriguez and this is one of a series of short videos dealing with issues of Breast augmentation. This patient has a mild asymmetry. The left breast hangs a little bit lower than the right breast.

The nipple and areolar complex, and the inframammary fold, are lower on the left side, relative to the right side.

She had the choice of getting a Breast augmentation without correction of the asymmetry, or getting a small lift on the left breast (which we call a Crescent mastopexy).

The patient chose to have a Crescent mastopexy. Notice how the left breast evens out with the right breast in this case, giving a very good example of symmetry. The scar above the areola is very well hidden and hardly noticeable at all.

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