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  • Doing the Upper eyelids versus Forehead lift

    A photo of a patient's left eye, showing the area above the eye that needs to be corrected.

    Today I got a very nice letter from a patient who had consulted with me about Eyelid surgery. I had recommended a Brow lift with a mid Facelift. She thanked me for a very thorough and knowledgeable consult, but decided to go ahead and get just her eyelids done by an ophthalmologist who does Plastic surgery.   This is an issue I encounter often, and I thought I would write my thoughts down in case anybody can benefit from this. First of all…

  • Thread lifts

    A collage of photos of a patient before & after a Thread lift.

    A lot of my patients have been asking about Thread lifts. The Thread lift is a mini-facelift which can be done under local anesthesia in the physicians office. At our last national meeting in Chicago (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), the opinions seemed to be split into two camps. The first proponents were easily visible because the “threads” are a product to be sold and the companies want to create a buzz. The detractors were in the multiple closed door meetings, po-pooing both the medico-industrial complex and the myriad “me-too!!!” early adopters.