Brazilian butt lift has changed my life forever

At age 42 and years of dealing with the “Flat butt syndrome” I finally decided to do something about it. I was tired of my pants falling down, wearing tops that covered my butt, and wearing undergarments with butt pads. I hated the way my clothes felt on and the way I looked in them. Shopping for bathing suits was a nightmare. Trips to the beach and pool were only possible if I had a piece of clothing that covered the lower portion of my body. Changing in front of other people was not an option. I deprived myself of many opportunities because of my lack of self-esteem and having no confidence.

I considered plastic surgery for many years but wasn’t keen on the idea of butt implants. After watching a segment on WJZ highlighting the Brazilian butt lift performed by Dr. Rodriguez I didn’t waste anytime calling to schedule my appointment. I knew the moment Dr. Rodriguez walked into the consultation room he would be the doctor to take my years of pain away. Dr. Rodriguez listened to my issues with my body and shared his ideas on what needed to be done to achieve the sculpted butt and body I much desired. My Brazilian butt lift was performed in May 2007.

I could not believe how minimal the pain was and how quick the recovery was. My results could be seen immediately. I now have an amazing butt that looks and feels so natural and a beautifully body sculpted by the blessed hands of Dr. Rodriguez. I can now wear anything I want and look in the mirror and smile with my fantastic results. My self-esteem and confidence with my body is at a level that I would have never thought possible. My only regret is that I didn’t have this procedure done sooner.

Thank you Dr. Rodriguez for making my lifelong dream a true reality and a special thank you to your wonderful staff for being so nice and accommodating.

By Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Cosmeticsurg Baltimore, Maryland Ricardo L. Rodriguez on American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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7 thoughts on “Brazilian butt lift has changed my life forever”

  • Tymeisha M says:

    Hello i am interested in the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure as well as body sculpting. I wanted to know how long the recovery process would be.
    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      Tymeisha: Thanks for contacting us. The recovery period is usually three weeks. If you do the B'more Butt lift, where fat is not injected into the butt but the area is sculpted to enhance the butt, the recovery is very short, a matter of days. Talk to Kelly at and she will give you a lot more info. Thanks for contacting us!
  • Chimere Todd says:

    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      Unfortunately, I am not aware of any. There may be some, but you are going to have to ask haow many procedures they have done, etc. We have lots of out of town patients so distance may not be a barrier to get the result you want.
  • Kim R. says:

    Dear Desiree, No complaints! As I near my two year anniversary I still have no regrets AT ALL. It is one of the best investments I've ever made. My husband was against it in the beginning, he said I looked fine just the way I was, however he now understands the pain I had endured for so many years and loves the new me. I can wear what ever I want, I've never had more jeans in my dresser drawers as I do now. If you have been considering the Brazillian Butt Lift, it is for a reason, I highly recommend it. If you haven't already had a consultation with Dr. Rodriguez and his team I encourage you to do so, the will not pressure you, they will answer any questions you have and will explain the process at which time you will know if the procedure is right for you. Summer is right around the corner, now is a great time to do it. I would be happy to speak with you over the telephone if you are seriously considering and would like more info, just call Dr. Rodriguez's office and they will put you in touch with me. Good Luck!
  • Desiree says:

    Dear Kim, It is the two year compliants still? Just curious as I'm considering the Brazilian Butt Lift. Desiree
  • Kim R. says:

    If you are reading my testimony and considering the Brazillian Butt Lift it's for a reason. I will be celebrating my one year anniversay in May and I have nothing but positive things to say about my results, Dr. Rodriguez, and his team. I want to encourage anyone that is contemplating this proceudre to do it, you will not regret it. The results will not only be a fuller, rounder, and sexier butt, it will also give you the confidence you didn't know you had. Based off of my entire experience, I am strongly recommending the Brazillian Butt Lift.