Liposuction, Tummy tuck and Breast lift with implants review by Lisa

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What procedure(s) did you have performed during your most recent surgery?Liposuction, Tummy tuck, Breast lift with implants
How would you rate your final result(s)

Excellent ........................... Poor

Would you recommend our practise to your friends?

What was the best part about your consult?

I felt like Dr. R. really took his time to listen to my thoughts on what I wanted out of surgery. He was very detailed on what could and could not be accomplished. 

Why did you select Dr. Rodriguez and our office for your surgery?

I had several consults over the last several years and came back because of Dr. R expertise and knowledge. His web blogs are very informative. 

What else could we have done to help you prepare for your surgery?

I felt very prepared, the office staff is fantastic. Each person I met with was warm and made me feel very comfortable 

How was your experience with the anestheologist?

Very good, he experienced in detail what was going to happen, and my surgery went perfectly 

Please indicate your experience in the recovery room:
Duration of recovery room time

Temperature in the recovery room

My pain management in the recovery room

Other, please explain:


Would you return to this office if you decide to have additional surgery


Which of the following factors influenced you to choose Dr. Rodriguez?



Were your telephone calls to our office handled to your satisfaction?

Additional comment about telephone handling


Were you satisfied with the way your surgery was scheduled?

Additional comment about surgery scheduling


How well do you agree with the following statements? (If any item does not apply, leave blank)
The amount of time that I had to wait to get a consultation with Dr. Rodriguez was reasonable

I was satisfied with the information and surgical description provided by Dr. Rodriguez

The office staff was attentive to my needs

The OR staff was attentive to my needs

The written materials that I received prior to surgery satisfied my needs.

I was satisfied with the way I was prepared for surgery

I was satisfied with the care that I received the morning of surgery

I was satisfied with my follow-up care

The fees for surgery were reasonable

Additional Comments

I waited a very long time to finally have this surgery. I could not be happier, the results are amazing. The people I have shared this with are as amazed as I am. I would and have highly recommended your practice to others because it was the entire experience, just fantastic!

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