Body procedures patient reviews

By patients of Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez MD.

  • Gynecomastia surgery review by Mark

    I would (and will) recommend to friends, or whoever I encounter regarding gynecomastia or any other plastic surgery procedure. Everything was just a smooth and easy going process!

  • Liposuction and Tummy tuck review by Angelica

    I am satisfied with the care I’ve received with Dr. Rodriguez at cosmeticsurg. My TT, MR and lipo to the flanks was something I waited years to go through with and Dr. Rodriguez put me at ease. I do have a few follow up concerns as it relates to my potential end result that I hope to get an insight on but based on my care up to this point I would happily refer him to any and every one!

  • Body lift and Butt lift review by Marlene

    Dr Rodriguez is very generous with the discounts he have given me. Although I could have gotten surgery all of what I did in Florida and in Dominican Republic for less than 15,000 I will not trade Dr Rodriguez for no other surgeon. He have given me amazing results. I love my surgeon to the moon and back.

  • Body lift, Liposuction and Fat transfer review by Cory

    Dr. R was the 4th surgeon I visited. I had already booked and put a deposit on surgery w/another office. From the moment I met Dr. R I knew he was the perfect surgeon for my needs. I loved his overall plan and vision of my end results. I have currently had 3 surgeries with Dr. R to address different areas of my body and have been immensely pleased with the results. I would highly recommend him to everyone for their surgical needs. Also, thanks to Vanessa for her prompt help with scheduling and appts.