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IV Anesthesia vs. General Anesthesia: What is the differerence?

Length of video 5:49

Dr. Todd Hobelmann is one of the Board Certified Anesthesiologist who works with us here at CosmeticSurg in Baltimore. In this video he talks about the anesthetic that they perform here for most of our surgical cases.

We use IV sedation, as opposed to general anesthesia. Dr. Hobelman describes it as a light general anesthetic, or a very deep sedation. It usually entails putting in the IV and giving the patient some medication that continually runs through that IV during surgery. He agrees that there are many benefits to the regular general anesthetic.

Beyond the benefits of not having an endotracheal tube in your airway (you breathe on your own with IV sedation), patients also experience less nausea and vomitting and a much quicker recovery time following surgery.

Learn more about the advantages of IV anesthesia and why Dr. Hobelmann and I agree that IV sedation is a better choice for most of our cosmetic surgery patients in this blog post.

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