Liposuction vs. Liposculpture with Fat injections

Some women think of Liposuction as a way to look slimmer. Indeed, most plastic surgeons also think of Liposuction this way, using Liposuction to shave off pockets of fat. While this may have been an ideal of beauty in the past, today’s concept of female beauty is more sensuous. This requires skill not only in taking out fat, but also in adding it where needed.

A collage of patients photos illustrating apple and pear shaped bodies.
Fat removal and reinjection into the hips

Let’s examine the before and after photos of a woman who wanted a curvier figure with more prominent hips. Prior to surgery (left side before photo), she had an apple figure, where a lot of the body fat is concentrated on the upper body. If one were to Liposuction this patient to make her look slimmer, the result would be a slightly thinner version of the same body, no curves. A slimmer apple, so to speak.

However, if you combine Liposuction (non-laser) with fat injections, an entirely different result is achieved.

Post operatively, you can see that I successfully changed her body type to not only look slimmer, but to look more feminine. Thus the apple shape was transformed into more of a pear shape. Fat was taken out from her central body and reinjected into her hips. Her new body profile has a narrower waist compared to the hip. It is what is referred to as a pear figure. The curvy pear figure does appear more feminine than her previous shape. Liposuction alone would not have been able to create this feminine profile.

A collage of photos (side view) of a patient before and after Fat injections to the hip.

The use of your own autologous fat to create a more feminine sculpted body is a great tool for enhancement. Fat grafting results are long lasting if proper techniques are used. Therefore, be sure to ask your surgeon if he expects long lasting results!  With proper techniques and post op he should have full confidence in a long lasting result.

To learn more about why fat grafting is long lasting when done correctly, see this blog post which includes a video of me explaining why. And if you have any questions, leave a comment!

By Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Cosmeticsurg Baltimore, Maryland Ricardo L. Rodriguez on American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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33 thoughts on “Liposuction vs. Liposculpture with Fat injections”

  • Lyd says:

    Hi Dr Rodriguez, I am 48 yo and am interested in getting a fat transfer into my face. All kidding aside: #1 What do you do if I have no fat available to take? I am nothing but skin and bones; maybe a roll of fat on my stomach. #2 Can fat from a sibling be used on me for a facial or butt transfer? #3 Can this be done at all if I am on coumadin? Thanks for any info.
    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      Lyd: No kidding- the amount of fat needed for a face fat transfer is so small that I could find it even if you did not have a roll of fat on your stomach. An unexpected place many women oversee is the small of the back above the buttocks towards the side. Pinch there, there is usually more there than in the belly. Fat from a donor... There's an interesting topic. The stem cells in fat are immune protected and probably could be used. There have to be many more animal trials and investigations before we go forward, but I believe in 10-15 years it will be in clinical trials. The main obstacle is regulatory, not scientific. If you are on cuomadin, you would need to get on a cuomadin taper and go on Lovenox for a few days, etc. This is something that would have to be considered seriously with your internist. To begin with, why are are you on cuomadin? Hope this helps, and spread the word about this blog!
  • Celeste says:

    Is it possible for you to post the picture of your client (shown above) with her uneven hip problem corrected to give us an idea of what you can do? Or more hip before and afters? And is it possible (to your ability) create perfect kim kardashian shaped hips? My own hips drop straight off from my hip bone. Thank you.
    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      About Ms Kardashian: Her figure is the product of 1) Heredity- she was born with a good figure 2) Exercise- She works out a lot, as her livelihood depends on her figure 3) Proper diet. I do not know if she has had surgery. Now, can I recreate that? Depends on what the patient's body looks like. I can do radical changes on a body, as the patient you see on the post. I did do a touch up on her right hip, but she has not been back for follow up pictures. If you want to see more on how I shape hips, look at this post or what fat injections can do for you, look at the pictures about butt augmentation in my photo galleries. To give you a good idea of what we could accomplish with you, give Kelly a call at We'd love to help you, we actually do a lot of fat injections to the hips.
  • jacqueline says:

    my commemnt is that I need a butt lift it just fabby and out of shape can you fix this problem and for how more? Do you have discounts nfor people with disability who live on a fix income that want surgery?
    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      Jaqueline: Check out if there is a major medical center near where you live. Usually they have a Plastic Surgery training program. You can get surgery at the Plastic Surgery clinic where residents operate under the supervision of professors.
  • Jackie says:

    Hello Dr. Rodriguez Your video of laserlipo vs tum. liposuction was very informative and I can see why the Tum. lipo is safer but does it also give you a flatter tummy than the laserlipo would? Your quiz stated a liposuction for me. I have had 2 pregnancies, I am in my late 40s and my stomach muscles were described as "moderate". My full abdomen sticks out but doesnt hang over. thanks! great website
    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      Jackie: How flat the tummy goes after surgery is not a function of the machine or liposuction cannula chosen, but of diagnosing the problem correctly. Some people have slightly separated stomach muscles and the tummy will not be flat until you sew the muscles together. Likewise, you can have the best lipo in the world, but if your skin is loose or you have stretch marks, perhaps lipo is not the best answer. Contact Kelly if you want more info at Thanks for reading our blog and we hope to hear from you!
  • KATHIE says:

    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      Kathie: No, your body does not reject its own fat. What can happen is that if the fat is not properly processed, some of the fat cells can die. The lipid contents inside the cells are released and they are irritating to the surrounding tissues. The body then mounts an inflammatory response that interferes with the graft take. If done properly, fat grafts are very well tolerated.
  • dee says:

    Hi Dr. Rodriguez, I have looked at your website and am impressed with your work, so I have to say, the photo you posted does not represent your work--and in fact would make me hesitant, even though you have explained the reason for the uneveness. Now, about me. I am considering a few things--fat transfer to the face, lip lift, lipo. I am curious, I am 103 lbs so I have to ask if that could make a difference in the cost of lipo/bodysculping/brazilian butt lift or is your fee standard. I'd like a little taken off the outer thigh area(saddlebag) and added to the butt and face. Also, can you combine procedures to the face with lipo? thanks.
    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      Dee: Professional fees are standard, based on expertise, and the fact that the difficulty level is not based on weight, but on overall judgements of how much to take out or leave in. sometimes slender patients are even more difficult. You can combine lipo with procedures to the face, we do it all the time. If you would like a more accurate opinion as to what could be done for you specifically, contact Kelly at so she can arrange a virtual consultation. In a closing remark, I'd like to say be careful of taking fat out of the outer thigh as it can coause the buttock to sag. Looking forward to hearing from you!
  • Jennifer says:

    I have mrsa scars from a c-section and I am wondering if fat redistribution would help my sunk in scar. If not what procedure would be helpful with this?
    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      Jennifer: There are many options. One is a simple scar revision. The other is a combination of liposuction and scar revision. Finally, there is fat grafting. It is hard to make a specific recommendation without a picture. If you are interested, contact Kelly at for a virtual consultation. We're looking forward to hearing from you.
  • Jude says:

    Hi Dr RR! I've been in touch with Kelly and have received enough information about the Brazilian Butt Lift to know that I'm definitely going to be coming to you to have it done (from London!). It's going to take me around 24 months until I've got enough money for the procedure though however, so I was wondering if you could (a) confirm that you still intend to be practising by this time!? and (b) suggest when would be best to have the Virtual Consultation i.e. how many months prior to when I want to have the procedure done. Many thanks, Jude
    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      Jude: I believe I answered this query on another blog post. Anyways, Happy New year! Here's the response I posted at the other blogpost: Barring any unforseen problems I intend to remain in practice for many years to come. A good time to do a virtual consult is about 4-6 months prior to the procedure to help make some preliminary plans and suggestions. We’ll be happy to help you out and make you look great! BTW, my sister lived in London (St. John’s Underwood) for several years and we used to love visiting her. Oh, and thanks for following us on the blog.
  • Aminta Patino says:

    How much would it cost to get fat injected to my but from my belly fat, and is it true you can do the same with your breast. Please respond. THANK YOU
    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      Aminta: WE do this a lot and we would love to help you! Please call Kelly at and she will be happy to help you.
  • dr.madlin says:

    sry i for gotta tell u that i`m afraid to have stria from strech in the hip and wrinkles in the abdomen :( and i`m getting married within 8 months ... afrai to need log time and be late for my wedding ?:S
  • dr.madlin says:

    hello dr Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez i`m just graduated from faculty of medicine :D huh it was so looooooong i`m getting married after 8 months , and i think i`m gonna do this operation liposuction from abdomen and trasfere fat into my hips and butts but i `ve some questions : 1. can i do my airobic exercises normally after the operation? 2. i `ve read that that shape doesn`t remain so long may be 1 or 2 years only and 60% of fat injected `ll be lost ... is it tue? 3. what type of anaethesia ? general or local ? and please i want to read some medical article about fat transfere all i found is for patients only ... would u please recomend a website for me thanx so much
    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      Kristine: I LOVE doing fat injection to the hips! It has such an impact on the figure! Really, that and lipo to the flanks are the most underrated procedures in plastic surgery If you are interested in cost information, call Kelly during business hours at 410 494-8100
  • Missy says:

    Hey doctor, I'm 5"5 118 (wet) lol. Do you think I have enough fat to graft to my hip area only? I have tried contacting Kelly via email with no luck. Also how much would something like this cost?
    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      Missy: The weight is not as important as your body proportions and height. I Have done Brazilian butt lifts on a woman who weighed 115 pounds and injected 400 cc into each buttock. I am sorry Kelly has not been able to answer your email. She had major surgery and has been out for 3 weeks. as soon as she gets back she will get to you.
  • Tia says:

    So how much is liposuction and fat injections to the hips only? Also, how comes the hips don't look even? One side is more pointy than the other...
    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      Tia: For pricing information you can contact Kelly at This patient also had a lateral thigh lift and the skin relaxed more on the one side. She subsequently had another touch up to correct that. She is very happy with and proud of the result which is why she agreed to have the pictures shown on the internet. I think fat injection to the hips is a greatly underestimated procedure.
  • carla says:

    hola, tengo una duda Existen efectos a largo plazo con lo injertos de grasa? quiero decir, pueden las celulas comportarse de una forma anormal al estar ubicadas en un sitio diferente de su lugar de origen? muhcas gracias
    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      Carla: I will answer in english for the benefit of our other readers. Carla asks if there are long term concerns about the fate of the fat cells, or if they could act in an abnormal way after being placed in a different place than their original location. The answer is that we have not observed (nor has anybody reported any instance where a normal fat cell, injected in another normal part of the body) any instance of abnormal behavior. There have been reports, on the contrary, of the fat behaving too much like where they came from. For example some patients with fat injections to the face will gain a lot of weight, and the face in the face also enlarges, giving the face a rounder look than the patient expected.
  • orange couty plastic surgeon says:

    I'm firm believer in injecting purified fat in the buttocks! keep the curves the coming.
    • Dr. Ricardo L Rodriguez says:

      To Thanks for posting on our blog, we appreciate the traffic. Wish you guys success!