This patient, pictured 4 days post op in the after picture below, wanted a rejuvenation of her face without the longer down time associated with a traditional facelift.

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What is a Threadlift?

A Threadlift a type of facelift that can be done in the office and has a very short recovery period. The threadlift is a less involved procedure than the traditional facelift. Dr. Rodriguez performed this procedure with regularity during 2005-2007. However, since then, Dr. Rodriguez no longer performs the Threadlift procedure because the types of required sutures are no longer available. Additionally the results only seemed to last for one or two years. Please note that this procedure is not related to the 'Lifestyle Lift'.

Who is a candidate for the threadlift procedure?

Patients who want a more subtle change in the mid face and lower face and who also need minimal downtime are candidates for a threadlift. Patients who have a lot of sagging of the skin or deep folds in the tissues might be disappointed if they expect a big improvement. If you want a big improvement in your facial structure, the Facelift or Fat Transfer procedures are better options.

What is involved in the threadlift procedure?

The threadlift procedure uses a barbed suture to grasp the tissues and elevate them. Because tissues are not being separated from each other and there is much less lifting of the skin, postoperative swelling and bruising are markedly reduced.

What is the media saying about the threadlift procedure?

In January 2006, the Washington Post ran an article profiling Dr. Rodriguez and the Threadlift technique. The article also interviews and quotes other plastic surgeons about the thread lift procedure. Read this Threadlift article here.

Threadlift Before and After photos*

See our gallery of Before and After Threadlift photos, all performed by Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with over 20 years experience. Please note that all of these patients have given their written consent to use the photos at our web site. We are very grateful to our patients for participating in patient education!

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